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How to Rollerblade

Rollerblading can be a great way to stay in shape or just become an enjoyable hobby. However, having literal wheels beneath your feet could make things a bit complicated. That’s why we at 5-Minute Crafts have a few simple but great tips to help you start skating in no time.

1. Put on your rollerblades and protective gear.

Taking a fall when rollerblading can hurt, so you should protect yourself from scrapes, bruises, and bumps. Put on elbow and knee pads, as well as a helmet. Also, it’s better to get wrist guards. These will help you to break your fall with less pain.

When it comes to rollerblades, they should feel comfortable and have good ankle support. To check the support of the skates, feel the plastic on the boots. If it’s hard and you can’t squeeze it, this is what you need. But if you can squeeze the plastic easily, it’s not a strong material. Also, remember to always buckle up your rollerblades well.

2. Learn how to fall down.

Practice on grass first. It will provide you with enough traction so you won’t start to roll on.

To minimize the risk of injury from falls, you need to learn how to fall properly. So practice by falling down on your kneepads, then break your fall with your hands.

3. Learn how to stand up.

Having wheels on your boots could make it difficult to stand up, but there is one trick. Put one foot up and then put the same hand on the knee. As you push up, put your other foot behind the other to make a “T.” Now stand up.

4. Hold the right body posture and balance.

One of the most important things to remember when skating is proper posture. Start by keeping your knees slightly bent. One foot should always be in front of the other but parallel. This will give you a good balance.

Also, try to keep your torso bent a little. Your shoulders should be parallel with your knees and your toes. This position will prevent falls, even if you lose your balance.

5. Start with the pizza position.

Your rollerblades should form the perfect pizza slice angle. Any other angle won’t be good for skating. Start to march up and down to gain speed.

6. Continue with the train tracks position.

Position your feet to be straight and parallel, just like train tracks. The width should be one hand between the feet. Now, once you’ve gained speed with the “pizza slice” position, bring your feet closer and go straight ahead with the “train track” position.

7. Use the brake.

Extend the leg with the brake in front of the other. Bend the other leg in a sitting down position. Shift most of your weight to the rear leg and bend that knee a bit, like you’re starting to sit down.

Press the heel brake against the ground. If needed, extend your foot forward even more in order for the brake to make contact with the ground. To stop quickly, apply firm pressure, but if you want to stop slowly, apply gentle pressure. Make sure you apply pressure until you stop completely.

8. Practice on concrete.

Once you go over the techniques on grass, you can switch to concrete. Start off with the pizza position and continue with the train tracks. Put down some cones to make a tunnel (parallel lines) for easier practice.

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