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How to Spot a 2-Way Mirror

If you’ve ever been in a room and felt like someone was watching you from behind a mirror, you might be right. 2-way mirrors can be used for this purpose and they are fairly common. Since they look exactly like regular mirrors, it’s hard to spot them.

To help you avoid such a situation, 5-Minute Crafts devised a guide on how to spot a 2-way mirror.

How it works

This mirror can’t work properly if the lighting from both sides is the same. The backside of the mirror must be half-dark for the reflective coating on the other side to work well and reflect the light back at the person who is looking at it.

How to find them

Method 1: Observe it.

Observe where the mirror is placed. Usually, a 2-way mirror is built into a wall, while regular mirrors hang on walls or are attached to them. If you cup your hands and minimize the light when staring at the 2-way mirror, you will be able to see through it to the other side. This method is the best and most reliable when trying to spot a 2-way mirror.

Method 2: Compare it to another mirror.

Always carry a small makeup mirror with you. Put it next to the mirror you are inspecting and see if the tint looks the same. If the mirror appears darker, it’s likely a 2-way one.

Method 3: Do a test with your fingertips.

To test which side is facing the reflective coating, place one fingertip in the front of the mirror. If there is a gap between the fingertip’s reflection and the image, the mirror coat is on the back and not the surface. This is probably not a 2-way mirror. If the fingertip’s reflection touches itself, it’s probably a two-way mirror because the mirror coating is facing the observer.

Method 4: Knock and listen to the sound.

Try knocking on the mirror gently. If you hear a hollow sound, the area behind the mirror is open. This might be a sign that there is an observation area or camera behind it and the mirror is a 2-way one. If there is a solid sound coming from it, it’s likely that the mirror is hung or mounted to the wall.

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