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How to Squeeze Orange Juice

Not only is orange juice tasty, but it’s also a healthy fruit drink. It contains a large amount of vitamins A, C, and group B, which makes it a perfect complement to any breakfast.

Another good thing about it is you don’t necessarily need to buy a juice squeezer to make the drink. You can prepare it at home with the help of improvised means.

5-Minute Crafts is showing you 3 ways to make orange juice without using a juice squeezer. The bonus at the end of the article will share some simple advice on how to drink orange juice without squeezing it from the fruit.

1. Make a hole in the skin.

  1. Take a big orange and mash it by rolling it from side to side on the table and pressing the fruit down with your palm.

  2. Make a hole with a knife in the skin at the top of the fruit.

  3. Put a glass on the table and accurately squeeze the juice through the hole in the skin.

  4. Enjoy your freshly squeezed juice.

2. Make a simple squeezer.

  1. Get 2 empty bottles — one sized 20 ounces and the other, 0.5 gallons.

  2. Using a stationary knife, cut off the bottom half of the large bottle.

  3. Put a glass on the table and place the fragment of the large bottle with its bottleneck down inside the glass. Place the smaller bottle inside the larger bottle with its bottleneck also looking down.

  4. Secure the bottles together with the help of chopsticks, having already made 2 holes on each side with the help of a stationary knife.

  5. Cut the oranges in halves. Take one half in your hand, and press its pulp to the bottom of the smaller bottle. Make smooth, circular movements to squeeze out more juice. Do the same thing with the other orange halves.

  6. Enjoy your freshly squeezed orange juice.

3. Use the bottom part of a glass.

  1. Take a deep bowl and place a tall glass in it with its bottom facing up.

  2. Cut the oranges in halves. Take one half in your hands, and press its pulp side against the bottom of the glass.

  3. Make smooth, circular movements to squeeze out more juice.

  4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 with the other orange halves. Afterward, pour the freshly-squeezed juice into glasses and enjoy the drink.

Bonus: Drink juice right from the orange.

If an orange has thin skin, try the following method.

  • Take a straw with a wide hole and sharp edges.

  • Carefully poke a hole in the orange peel with it by twisting and screwing in the straw.

  • Drink the juice right from the fruit.

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