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How to Store Tires Correctly

Almost everyone who drives a car has to deal with storing tires. Knowing how to change tires is not enough; you also have to keep them somewhere, and it’s vital to know storage rules for them to last as long as possible.

We at 5-Minute Crafts have compiled the best recommendations for storing tires.

How to prepare the tires

  1. Clean the tires before you put them in storage.

  2. To keep the tires in an optimal state, treat the rubber with special products.

  3. Decide how to store the tires — on rims or separately.

How to store tires with rims

  • Tires on rims can be stored in 2 ways: hanging or lying horizontally. You can place one wheel on top of the other.

  • Never store tires with rims vertically.

How to store tires without rims

  • Tires without rims can only be stored vertically.

  • It’s best to place them on a shelf instead of on the floor.

Storage conditions

  • Keep the tires in a dry, cool place. It can be a warm balcony or garage.

  • Never store tires in direct sunlight. If you keep them on the balcony, but you see they’re in the sunlight, make some shade for the tires.

  • Don’t keep tires outside: there should be no sudden temperature fluctuations.

  • If you keep the tires on a shelf vertically, make sure they’re loose and not pressed down by anything; otherwise, they might get deformed.

  • Never keep tires near heating devices.

  • Rotate the tires at least once every 4 weeks.

  • If you don’t drive for more than 2 months, it’s better to remove the tires from the car.

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