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How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

Like many pieces of jewelry, a ring can hold a lot of sentimental value, especially if it’s an engagement ring. In order to keep it shiny and sparkly for the years ahead, 5-Minute Crafts is recommending some tips on how to look after your precious ring.

1. Avoid putting unnecessary wear and tear on your ring.

No matter how hard the rock on your ring is, or if your ring is made of the hardest of metals, everything is prone to wear and tear. Try your very best not to knock your ring against sturdy materials. If you are into exercising, hiking, or any other sport, remove the ring prior to engaging in such activities.

2. Keep your ring clean.

Different metals and stones need different types of cleaning solutions. That’s why you should never clean your ring with a random solution at home for a quick fix. It’s highly recommended that you take your precious ring to professionals who can steam-clean it with proper care.

3. Say no to harmful chemicals.

Exposing your ring to harmful chemicals like household cleaning solutions can make the ring lose its luster. So it’s best to take them off when working with these substances.

4. Insure your ring.

Insurance always comes in handy when it comes to protecting your ring, just in case if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Also, every 5 years, be sure to get your jewelry appraised as the prices of diamonds and precious metals tend to rise.

5. Remove your ring when doing hands-on activities.

It is also advised that you never wear your ring while gardening, exercising, moving furniture, or even doing the dishes. The gist is to keep your ring away from wear and tear. You can try throwing the ring onto a chain as a locket if you wish to keep it close.

  • You can also try the “ring-dish method” explained below if you wish to remove the ring.

6. Keep ring dishes around the house.

Keep ring dishes in places around the house where you think you’d likely take off your ring for a hands-on activity or just for the sake of keeping it safe. Place one ring dish near your bedside and one in the kitchen. There are many DIY projects by 5-Minute Crafts that are great solutions for keeping your jewelry safe.

7. Don’t touch the center stone.

If you want to remove or put on your ring, hold it from the sides instead of grabbing the center stone. This is because diamonds tend to attract a lot of dust, dirt, and body oil.

  • If your stone is looking hazy or cloudy, there’s a chance that something is stuck underneath it. Consult a professional regarding its care.

8. Don’t resize your ring more than once.

As time passes, our hands tend to swell and change sizes as well. Instead of resizing your ring over and over again, keep it in a safe place and wear it once it fits your finger again. There is always the option to resize the ring, but it tends to wear out the metal and makes it vulnerable to damage.

9. Don’t remove your ring in public.

It’s hygienically mandatory to clean your hands when they get soiled in public. So try not to take your ring off and don’t place it on the sink’s ledge. The worst that could happen is it could slip down the drain and be lost forever.

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