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How to Use Excel Like a Pro: 6 Tips

How to Use Excel Like a Pro: 6 Tips

Becoming an Excel pro can be as easy as knowing the right shortcuts. For example, you can add the current date in one of your brackets by pressing 2 simple keys (CTRL + ;). We at 5-Minute Crafts will teach you this shortcut in addition to a few other tricks.

1. Use Flash Fill.

It’ll fill your column based on the pattern of the ones before it. For example, you may want your first column to contain people’s first names, and the column afterward to have their last names. To finish off, you want the last column to have both their first and last names together. So, on the very first cell of that same column, you write both the first and last name of someone to give Excel an example of how you want it to work. Finally, with the “Flash Fill” option selected, it’ll be done automatically for the rest of the column.

  • Enable this by going to the “Data” tab and selecting “Flash Fill.

2. Use filters.

This is mostly useful when you’re dealing with an Excel page with a lot of data in it. Go to the “Data” tab and select “Filter.” Afterward, click on the arrow next to the column headers and organize it. You’ll be able to choose the order (descending or ascending) and even hide specific rows.

3. Create a drop-down list.

It’ll help you fit one more piece of information in one cell. To do it, you’ll first need to select all of the cells you want to fit in your list. Then click on “Data,” and afterward, “Data Validation.” Lastly, set “Allow” on “List.”

4. Freeze your panels.

Freezing your panels will allow you to scroll down as much as you want, while always keeping your headings as well as other labels visible to you. Simply click on “View,” then on the first option after that, “Freeze Panes.”

5. Add columns or rows to your file.

There’s no need to do it one by one. You’ll need to highlight the rows you want to add (even if there’s already information written in the cells). Then left-click and select the option, “Insert.” If Excel asks you what you want to do with the cells, choose the option that fits your needs best (moving the cells right or down, or even moving the entire row or column).

6. Use shortcuts.

There’s no need to manually write the formula in the result cell. Select the first empty cell at the end of the column where you need the result to be. Then use the shortcut, “Alt + =.”

Here are a few other shortcuts you can use:

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