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How to Use Toilet Paper Correctly

The nuances of using toilet paper is a social taboo topic that makes a lot of people embarrassed. But the way we clean the intimate body parts after going to the bathroom can have consequences for our health. So, using toilet paper in the wrong way can make us vulnerable to urinary tract infections or even make some already existing problems worse.

5-Minute Crafts decided to take a risk and talk about the delicate topic of how to use toilet paper correctly.

Choose the right type of toilet paper.

It’s better to use white soft toilet paper without any colorants or scents. Thin, scratchy toilet paper or ones with scents can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

How to do it right

  • When using toilet paper, you can sit or stand. Your choice depends on your preferences and mobility. The right position is the one you feel the most comfortable in and that gives you the best access.
  • Make a ball of toilet paper or put a few sheets on top of each other and reach for the anus either from the back or between the legs if you feel more comfortable this way.
  • Keep wiping with new pieces of toilet paper until it’s clean.
  • Don’t rub too hard. It’s important to minimize the irritation as much as possible. You can use lightly wetted toilet paper and use patting movements. If you do it too hard, you might cause discomfort, itching, or damage the tender skin near the anus.
  • Wipe front to back. This recommendation is important because there are a lot of bacteria in the rectal area, and going back to front can cause a urinary tract infection.

Toilet paper alternatives

  • A bidet can be an alternative to toilet paper. It allows you to wash yourself in a softer way than toilet paper, avoid trauma and urinary tract infections. It’s important to keep the water flowing front to back and control the water pressure.
  • Using cleansing wipes is not a good idea because they remove all the bad and good bacteria, which can lead to fungal infections and irritation.
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