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How to Wash a Bicycle

Sometimes it’s enough to simply wipe the dust from a bicycle after another ride but if the level of dirtiness is more serious, you’ll need to take things to the next level. The cleaning of the transmission is not always necessary but it should be given special attention when creaking or other noises appear as you ride or when the bike carriage system starts to click.

5-Minute Crafts will help you figure out how to wash your bike to prolong its life.

Where to wash it

  • In the backyard: This is the perfect place to wash a bike. You can also leave the bike there for drying.

  • In the area in front of the garage or in front of a block of apartments: There are several things you should take into account here. Don’t clean your bike in a place where other people rest — it’s better to do it from afar. Make sure that your actions don’t cause discomfort to others or harm the overall territory.

  • In an apartment: You can wash your bike in the bathtub but make sure to lay a rug on its bottom so that you don’t scratch the enamel. If the vehicle doesn’t fit there, remove the wheels.

  • In a car wash: In most cases, it’s always possible to clean a bike at car washes. This service doesn’t cost much and if there are no other options available, you can use this one.

What you’ll need

  • A sponge

  • A brush

  • A cleaning agent or car shampoo

  • Water

  • A dry rag

  • Some polish or an impregnated shoe sponge

How to wash it

1. Put the bike vertically. Remove any electrical appliances.

2. Remove any big chunks of dirt with regular water.

3. Make a soapy solution in a bucket. Take a sponge, soak it in the solution, and wipe the frame, the handlebars, the seat, the wings, and the spokes on the wheels. An important note: Use a different sponge or brush to clean the transmission and other surfaces covered with grease so that you don’t bedraggle the entire bike.

4. Clean the wheels with a brush. Pay attention to each groove, regardless of the type of tread.

5. Rinse the soapy solution from all surfaces.

6. Wipe the frame, handlebars, and seat with a dry soft cloth.

7. Use polish or an impregnated shoe sponge to make your bike shine and look like new.

How to clean the transmission

It’s not necessary to clean the transmission, especially if that means having to disassemble it during a regular cleaning session. But if you’ve started to hear noises, the chain has stopped working properly, or the condition of the bike’s carriage system and other elements have worsened, it’s high time you pay attention to it:

1. If you have the opportunity, disassemble the transmission into parts. If not, some basic measures will be enough.

2. Degrease all its elements. WD-40 spray will be perfect for performing this function. Keep in mind that it can’t be used as a lubricant because it can’t perform this function fully.

3. When all the elements dry, apply grease to them. You can use a special grease for bike chains.

4. Blot all oiled areas with a paper towel or tissue to remove excess grease.

Is it okay to wash a bike with a mini-wash?

The strong water pressure won’t ruin the bike if you wash it carefully and don’t get too close to it. A distance of 5 feet should be enough.

The main thing to remember is to not let the water and dirt inside the bike parts. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through a full technical service to overcome the issue. Don’t direct the stream of water perpendicular to the bike and don’t try to get into all parts of the transmission, it’s better to clean it by hand.

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