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How to Wash Strawberries

About 48 million people get sick every year from eating food that has been in contact with bacteria or germs that could potentially be dangerous to the human body. Fruit, of course, is no exception to the rule. Being one of the most popular fruits to enjoy in different seasons, 5-Minute Craft wants to show you how to wash strawberries to ensure they’re safe for consumption.

What you should do and know before washing

  • After buying the strawberries at the market, it’s advisable to cool them to 32°F to 34°F to stop any possible growth of larvae and eggs.

  • Do not wash the strawberries or remove their stems until they’re ready to be eaten.
  • Avoid leaving them soaking or wet because strawberries act like sponges. They absorb water and this, in turn, will speed up the deterioration process.

Method 1: Wash them with water.

Step 1

Select the strawberries you want to eat. You can hold them in your hands or place them in a strainer to wash them all together, but only wash the ones you’re going to eat.

Step 2

Wash the strawberries with clean, cold water from the sink. Be sure to toss them a bit so that they get thoroughly washed and you’re able to remove any remaining dirt.

Step 3

Remove any excess moisture by placing them on a dry surface, like on a clean cloth or kitchen towel, and pat them dry.

Method 2: Use a mix of vinegar and water.

Step 1

Mix 3 cups of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. This mixture will help eliminate bacteria and mold spores, which will prevent the fruit from spoiling.

Step 2

Soak the strawberries in the water and vinegar mixture and wash.

Step 3

Place the fruit in a strainer and rinse under running water.

Step 4

Remove any excess moisture by using a paper towel, a clean cloth, or by placing the clean strawberries in a dry strainer to let the vinegar and water mixture drain away.

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