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How to Whistle With Your Fingers

Knowing how to whistle is a learned skill that is accessible to everyone. So if you haven’t yet mastered the art of whistling with your fingers, you can take a look at this step-by-step guide that 5-Minute Crafts prepared for you.

Step 1. Make an “A” shape with your fingers.

  • Raise your hands in front of you with the palms facing you.
  • Extend your index and middle fingers on both hands, keeping them close together.
  • Curl your other fingers as if you are forming a fist and hold them down with your thumbs.
  • Form the letter “A” with your index and middle fingers using both hands.

Tip: Instead of your index and middle fingers, you can also use your pinky fingers.

Step 2. Wet and tuck your lips.

  • Wet your lips with your tongue.
  • Draw your lips back and curl them around your teeth as if you’re pretending you’re an old man without any teeth.

Step 3. Push your tongue back.

  • Place the tips of your index and middle fingers underneath your tongue right at its tip.
  • Using your fingers, push your tongue back in your mouth until your first knuckles reach your bottom lip.
  • Gently press the tip of your tongue downward until you feel a “fold” formed from your tongue.

Step 4. Blow.

  • Keeping your tongue folded, your lips tucked, and your fingers placed in your mouth, tightly close your mouth. The only opening should be between your middle fingers.
  • Start blowing through the hole between your middle fingers.

Tip: You should feel the air going out over your bottom lip. If it seems to be passing by your upper lip or the sides of your mouth, close your mouth tighter around your fingers.

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