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The Answer to Why It Is Necessary to Air Out Your House

Everyone knows that airing out your house is necessary. It makes indoor air fresher and purer, and makes you feel better. This simple procedure has a lot of positive effects that can make your day better. So, don’t forget to open a window from time to time.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about how and when it’s best to air your house, and how to improve the quality of indoor air.

Indoor air quality

According to research, indoor air contains a mixture of various pollutants from the outside. Indoor air quality can be even worse than outdoor air quality. In the last few decades, scientists have paid more and more attention to this problem.

Indoor air quality affects human health and well-being. Pollutant-free air increases productivity and improves cognitive performance. And vice versa: scientists proved that poor air quality in the workplace can reduce your productivity.

The sources of indoor air contaminants

Apart from pollutants of industrial origin and exhaust gases from cars that get inside with outdoor air masses, or are brought inside on clothes and shoes, there are also indoor contaminants that originate inside your house. They can be microscopic emissions from materials used in construction and furniture production, or household chemicals. Even the substances formed during the combustion of decorative candles can pollute the air.

Air quality may worsen during cooking. This is due to the use of household appliances that heat food to high temperatures. For example, gas stoves can produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, and cooking oils can release harmful VOCs when heated.

The signs of insufficient ventilation

Tightly closed windows and doors don’t let air circulate. If not enough outdoor air enters the room, pollutants accumulate inside in quantities that can cause health problems.

Another sign of insufficient ventilation is high humidity. It encourages the growth of mold and dust mites.

Why is airing necessary?

By opening windows, we not only get rid of the pollutants mentioned above. Outdoor air currents also reduce the level of humidity indoors.

Besides, fresh outdoor air eliminates unpleasant odors, removes carbon dioxide formed during breathing and combustion, and enriches indoor air with oxygen.

How much time is needed to air out the room properly?

  • In the cold season, it’s enough to open a window wide for 5 minutes to provide the room with the right amount of fresh air, without making it too cold.
  • In summer, it’s best to ventilate the room in the morning, in the evening, or at night for 25–30 minutes. When the temperature outside is lower than indoors, pleasant cool air will flow through the open window.
  • In spring and fall, it’s enough to air the room for 8-20 minutes.

To fully ventilate an apartment, house, or large office space, it’s enough to open 2 windows or a window and a door on opposite sides of the space. Short intense airing sessions are better than long but insufficient ones.

Be careful! Don’t leave children and pets unattended when your windows are open.

Optimal time of day for airing

It’s recommended to open windows or doors for airing before or after peak hours, when traffic is at its lowest point. The ideal time for airing is early morning, evening, or night. If the temperature and the level of street noise allow, you can leave the window open all night.

Airing and renovation

If you’re renovating the inside of your house, which usually comes along with a lot of dust and fumes from the chemicals used, it’s necessary to air your house more frequently and for a longer time.

Why is it meaningless to leave a window open all day?

Airing won’t become more effective if you keep the windows open for a long time. On the contrary, in cold weather, this may cool the room too much.

It’s not effective in hot weather either. Ventilation will bring hot air, which will gradually replace the cooler indoor air.

Fresh air during both the hot and cold seasons may also harm indoor plants.

Bonus: The benefits of airing in sunny weather

study showed that sunlight kills some bacteria. Airing with a fully open window has additional benefits. You can use this natural disinfectant to improve indoor air quality and reduce the number of germs on surfaces.

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