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Types of Locks on Earrings

Losing an earring during a celebration or an important meeting is really unpleasant. It’s even worse if it happens because of a broken lock or an accidentally opened clasp.

5-Minute Crafts decided to find out which types of locks are the most comfortable and reliable.

English lock

This is one of the most popular locks because it’s extremely reliable. It has to click to be closed. It’s a bit difficult to open, which is why not everyone loves this type of lock.

When buying such earrings, consider the thickness of the earlobe because there’s no way to adjust the length of the pin.


The thinner end of the ring is put into the opposite one, which is why it’s almost invisible.


The studs are locks with pins that are put onto the earrings themselves.

These pins are more reliable, but it takes some getting used to: it’s a bit hard to put on (it’s better to rotate the front part of the earring). The pins without screw threads are good for earrings of any thickness, but you need to have extra plugs because you will lose them quite often.

Also, there are jacket earrings with decorative elements attached to regular studs from the other side of the earlobe. Just by changing the jacket, you can change your look.


They decorate the entire ear and are usually made for 1 ear (elven ears are rare examples of paired cuffs).

There are 2 fixing points: the ordinary stud in the earlobe plus either a behind-the-ear part or a cuff (a ring on the cartilage). You don’t need an extra hole in the ring. Sometimes, designers connect cuffs with hairpins.


Climbers are kind of climbing up the lobe of your ear due to the fixing loop. Thanks to the length and good fixing force, this earring is good not only as part of a party look but also as an everyday look.

Thread earrings

Thread earrings are put through the hole and fixed on the front part of the lobe, along with some decorative elements. There are also double threads where the ends are hanging on both sides of the hole, and the earring is fixed with a small bridge.


For those that don’t have holes in their ears, there are clips without pins.

But it’s better to buy such pins personally to choose the right pressing force.

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