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Types of Raisins and How to Use Them

Raisins are dried grapes. The drying process gives them a bright color, intense sweet taste, and a sticky, chewy texture that makes this dried fruit popular as both a snack and a baking ingredient.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about the types of raisins and how they are used.

1. Classic raisins

Most types of raisins are made from the same grape varieties. The only difference is the drying method. Classic dark raisins are made by allowing fully ripened grapes to dry naturally in sunshine. This process usually takes several weeks. The result is dark brown raisins with a moist texture and an intense sweet taste.

Classic raisins can be eaten as a snack or added to muesli, baked goods, or desserts.

2. Golden raisins

To make golden raisins, the grapes are treated with sulfur dioxide before drying, a preservative that prevents the product from oxidation. This treatment preserves the light color of the fruit.

After treatment with sulfur dioxide, raisins are dried, but not naturally, like classic raisins. They use artificial heat which speeds up the drying process and makes the raisins plumper, with more moisture, and with a slightly more tangy flavor.

Golden raisins can be used in the same way as classic raisins, and can also be added to various dishes and drinks. For example, to salads or fruit drinks.

3. Red raisins

Red raisins are made from red seedless grapes. They look like classic raisins but have a distinct red color.

Red raisins are made by drying red grapes naturally in the sun. As a result, the raisins acquire a dense texture and rich sweet taste, which perfectly complements pastries and desserts.

4. Green raisins

Green raisins are slim and can reach 1 inch in length. They come from the Middle East and Central Asia, and are made from green grapes. The grapes are dried in a well-ventilated dark room. This method helps keep the grapes pale green, but sulfur dioxide is sometimes used to stabilize the color.

Green raisins are denser in texture than other types, and their taste is slightly tangy. Therefore, it’s recommended to add them to savory dishes to which green raisins add natural sweetness.

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