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What Happens to the Fridge When You Put a Hot Dish Inside

It turns out that many people use their fridge in different ways. For example, not everyone knows whether they can put hot food into it or not. We decided to find out what opinions there are about it and how to prolong the life of fridges.

5-Minute Crafts decided to give you all the sides of the problem and offer a solution.

Different points of view

There are 2 opposite opinions about whether you can put hot foods into the fridge or not:

  • Some people think that they should cool down the meal as fast as possible to prevent bacteria from appearing.
  • Others think that it’s better to wait until the food is at room temperature.

So, who is right?

What happens if you put a hot dish into the fridge.

  • If you put a hot dish into the fridge, it might heat the foods that are near it. It will decrease their shelf lives.
  • The steam coming from hot objects will condense on the walls of the fridge making drops or even ice.
  • If you need to put hot foods into the fridge, cover them with a lid to avoid condensed water from coming out.
  • A fridge with hot dishes inside has to work way more intensely. So, it will need more electricity.
  • If the fridge has a feature of fast cooling, don’t forget to use it. But it will require more power.

How to avoid problems.

Even though hot dishes in the fridge might increase the temperature inside, it’s not recommended to leave foods at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

The main rule you should follow to avoid problems: Cool the foods down to room temperature.

Usually, cooling down happens quite fast but you can speed it up:

  • Watch the room temperature. If it’s not hot, the food will cool down enough while you are eating.
  • Put the dish in a room with an air conditioner.
  • If possible, put the hot foods into several different containers to speed up the process of cooling.
  • Don’t forget that you can put a hot dish on the balcony or next to an open window.
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