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What Packaging Symbols Mean

The packaging of many goods has special symbols and signs on it. They indicate how the goods should be stored and transported and can warn you about dangers that can happen during their use.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about the meaning of the most common symbols on boxes and packages.

Why packaging symbols are needed

Packaging symbols contain information from the manufacturer about an item. With their help, we can avoid damage to the item and extend its working life. Also, symbols, unlike words, can be placed even on small surfaces, conveying all the important data.

What packaging symbols mean

1. The cracked glass symbol indicates that there is something very fragile inside the box, such as china or glassware. Such items must be handled with extreme care. Although manufacturers or delivery companies often pack fragile items in soft materials, like bubble wrap, extra care is needed when handling such a box.

2. The symbol of the hands cupping a box indicates that its contents should be handled with care. It can be fragile, made up of intricate parts, or get easily damaged.

3. Packages containing flammable goods usually have the symbol of flames. It shows that the item should be kept away from any sources of heat. Heating can be dangerous.

4. The symbol in the form of 2 upward arrows indicates that the box or package should face upright during shipping and delivery. This will help protect the contents from getting damaged. Also, this symbol indicates where the box should be opened in order not to damage its contents.

5. The symbol in the form of a box under a roof and a sun indicates that the item should be stored away from sunlight.

6. Unlike the previous symbol, the thermometer sets more specific limits and indicates the recommended temperature range. It is important to keep the item within the noted degree range to avoid damage.

7. The umbrella symbol indicates that the items inside the box can be damaged by water. This box should be kept away from damp places. For example, this symbol can be found on the packaging of toilet paper or paper towels.

8. The symbol of a glass and a fork on the package means that there is food inside, and it’s important to transport it carefully so as not to damage the contents. This symbol also reminds the delivery service that the box should be delivered as soon as possible: there may be perishable goods inside.

9. Boxes that have the symbol of a crossed-out hook often contain heavy objects and can open unexpectedly from below if raised by a hook. Packages with such a symbol should be handled from the bottom to avoid accidents.

10. The symbol in the form of 2 stripes with a number on top means that a few more packages can be placed on top of this box (the number of boxes is indicated by the number on top) during shipping. If the number of boxes is more than indicated, it may cause breakage of the item inside or damage to the packaging.

11. The crossed-out box symbol says that the contents of the package may be fragile or tightly pressured, so you can’t put other items on the box.

12. The symbol of the crossed-out knife on the box warns that you must not open the package with a knife: this may damage its contents.

13. The symbol of a person lifting a box with a prohibited sign on it says that the contents may be too heavy to lift alone. It’s better to use the help of another person or use special equipment such as a trolley or forklift.

14. The trolley symbol speaks for itself: you should use a trolley to move the box. The object inside requires smooth transportation or is too heavy for people to lift.

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