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What to Choose for a Dog — a Harness or a Collar

As a rule, we use things to limit the movement of our dogs while on walks, and it could be a collar or a harness with a leash. This is all because even the best-trained dogs can behave unexpectedly. But what should we choose to make both the pet and the owner feel most comfortable — a collar or a harness?

5-Minute Crafts is telling you how to make the right choice.


Collars are one of the most widespread solutions when walking a dog. There are many different types of collars — fabric, leather, ones with buckles, and even safety stretch collars. Of course, collars are very convenient, especially if you are not planning to remove one often. It’s easy to put them on, they can be left on the dog for a long time, and the owner can hang a tag with the info about the dog to prevent the from getting lost.

However, if your dog has issues with breathing, then a collar is not the best choice. It also won’t suit dogs who haven’t learned to walk in a collar yet due to their age — if the dog keeps pulling the collar forward and pressing the neck, this can damage the trachea.


There are different types and styles of harnesses, but their main goal is to distribute the force of the leash across a larger area of the body. Unlike collars, which direct the pressure of the leash to the throat, the harness covers the upper and lower chest and wraps around the neck and back. Accordingly, when you pull the leash with the harness, the dog feels pressure in these places.

The harness is the safest option for walks and other activities in the fresh air. It is also good for dogs who are prone to pulling the leash and for non-trained puppies. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that if a dog has long and fluffy hair, wearing the harness can provoke tangling. Also, the harness should be adjusted properly so it doesn’t fall off, and it shouldn’t be to be too tight and prevent the dog’s natural movements or blood circulation.

Pros and cons



  • Good for dogs who are prone to pulling the leash
  • Distributes pressure evenly
  • Good for leash training
  • Hard to slip off
  • Can tangle the dog’s hair
  • Hard to put on, can scare the dog
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