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What to Do If You Washed Your Down Jacket and It Looks Terrible

The colder months are coming and we’re prepping our warm clothes. But what can you do if your down jacket looks bad after washing?

We at 5-Minute Crafts are asking you to not panic: anything can be fixed if you follow the instructions in this manual.

Step № 1: Wash the down jacket again

  • You will need a washing machine and a special detergent for down jackets.
  • Don’t use powdered detergents because they can make the feathers stick together.
  • Choose a delicate mode with a water temperature of no more than 30ºC (86°F).
  • Put tennis balls or special washing balls into the machine to make the jacket more fluffy.
  • Rinse the clothes 2-3 times to remove the leftovers from the detergent.

Step № 2: Dry the jacket

  • TO dry the jacket, put it into the dryer for 2-3 hours on a gentle setting.
  • If you don’t have a dryer, just put it on a hanger. But make sure that the process of drying will take a while.
  • Every 20-30 minutes, turn the jacket inside out to make it dry evenly. Also, shake the jacket every couple of hours.

Step № 3: Remove the lumps

This will work without another wash.

  • Place the jacket on an even surface and find all the lumps.
  • Find each of them with your fingers and try to make the fluff spread evenly.
  • To speed the process up, turn on a hairdryer with cold air and aim it at a lump.

Additional pieces of advice and recommendations

  • Don’t keep your down jacket pressed in a vacuum bag. Simply fold it if you can’t hang it in your closet.
  • Don’t use stain removers. They might damage the fluff.
  • Before washing, check the instructions. Some down jackets can only be washed by professionals.
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