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What to Do With Your Old Jewelry

A lot of people seem to have pieces of jewelry that they don’t want to part ways with, and because of that, the jewelry box doesn’t get cleaned very often. But there are several ways of breathing new life into these old jewelry pieces, and 5-Minute Crafts gathered some of them for you.

1. Remount the stones into new pieces.

It’s quite common for people to hold onto jewelry for sentimental value, but end up not wearing it that much. A great way of breathing new life into those pieces is to remount the stones into a new and upgraded piece. By doing this, you’ll even save money by not needing to purchase any new jewelry.

2. Repurpose the pieces into something different.

If you have even more old items that you’d like to keep for sentimental reasons but don’t want to turn them into new pieces, you can also get creative and convert the pieces into something totally new and unique. Using brooches to wrap gifts, or repurposing earrings into bookmarks or keychains are just a couple of examples.

3. Trade it in for store credit.

If you have old pieces that you don’t wear as much anymore but are still in good condition, consider trading those in for store credit. With this credit, you can purchase new pieces for your collection.

4. Donate to charity.

Many charity organizations accept your unwanted jewelry, even if it’s slightly damaged since it can be recycled or re-sold. This includes brooches and watches too, but make sure to check your local charity’s policy. And if you decide to donate, organize and put the jewelry pieces in a separate bag to avoid having them get lost.

5. Sell it.

Selling your vintage jewelry items to pawnshops or local jewelers is also an option. Before going through with this, take a look around at several different shops to check and see which is the best offer you can get, as the price offered will differ from shop to shop.

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