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Which Types of Bags There Are

Bags are simple items, yet the variety is diverse. They can be used to carry your stuff or as a statement piece. However, there are so many kinds of bags, it’s easy to get lost in all the names and designs, especially when looking for a specific model online. 5-Minute Crafts has prepared an ultimate guide that describes the most popular types.

1. Types of backpacks and waist bags

🎒 Backpack — it’s a relatively big bag with 2 shoulder straps designed for carrying on your back. It’s ideal for school and for packing essentials for a day or weekend trip.

🎒 Daypack — this bag is very similar to a backpack, but it’s usually a bit smaller and lighter. It’s perfect for daily use for school and work.

🎒 Knapsack — this is usually made of canvas and waterproof materials. Typically, this type of bag has a drawstring and flap around its opening and is a bit smaller in size.

🎒 Rucksack — similar to a backpack or a daypack, a rucksack often has a buckle flap and many outer pockets.

🎒 Randoseru — very popular among students in Japan, a randoseru bag has a hard shell shape. It is usually made of leather or leather-like artificial materials.

🎒 Satchel backpack — typically associated with English students, a sachel bag is traditionally used for carrying books. This bag features a rectangular design with an extension that folds over to cover the top and fastens on the front.

🎒 Belt bag — this is a small bag that consists of a leather purse attached to the belt. It’s designed to be worn around your waist and is ideal for carrying around a small number of necessary items.

🎒 Waist bag — also known as a “bum bag” or fanny pack, it is very similar to a belt bag. The main difference is that a waist bag is usually designed so that it’s detachable from the belt.

🎒 Drawstring bag — this is a simple and lightweight bag made of soft materials, like canvas, nylon, or leather. It has a drawstring or drawcord attached to it.

2. Types of clutches and handbags

👜 Clutch — having no straps or handles, this little handbag is suitable for carrying in your hands or under your arm. It’s perfect for occasions when you only need to have essential things, like your phone, credit cards, or cosmetics.

👜 Envelope clutch — similar to a standard clutch, an envelope clutch has a unique flap closure that is secured with magnets.

👜 Wristlet — this is a small, flat wallet or clutch that has a wristlet strap. Thanks to this design, it’s suitable for wearing around your wrist.

👜 Kiss lock clutch — this is a compact handbag fastened by a kiss lock clasp on its framed closure.

👜 Box clutch — this is a small aesthetic bag that features a box shape, and it’s typically made of acrylic with glitter or leather finishings.

👜 Minaudière — very similar to a box clutch, a minaudière is typically designed with decorative and embellished beads or crystals, which makes it suitable for very formal or grand occasions.

👜 Pouch — a compact bag with a top zipper or a drawstring, it’s perfect for carrying in your hands or serving as an organizer within bigger bags.

👜 Pochette — this is a little envelope-shaped bag that features a strap and can be worn on your shoulder.

👜 Knot bag — as its name implies, a knot bag has a particular knot loop that secures the top part of the bag.

👜 Bracelet bag — this features a compact bag with a large bracelet handle attached to it. It is suitable for both holding in your hands and wearing around your wrist.

👜 Bermuda bag — it has a round or oval shape and a wooden handle. It can also have a removable cloth cover or embroidered design, like flowers.

👜 Handheld handbag — an iconic handbag that features many colors and shapes, it’s larger than a purse and is perfect for carrying around daily essentials.

👜 Basket bag — it can come in different shapes because its most distinctive feature is the material, consisting of wood splints, cane, or bamboo.

👜 Box bag — as its name implies, it features a box shape bag with a hard case and defined structure. It can be worn across the body, on the shoulder, or held in the hands.

👜 Boston bag — a barrel-size bag that has a top zipper attached to its closure and 2 handles to carry it, a Boston bag can be made from leather nylon, canvas, or some other materials.

👜 Doctor’s bag — initially used by doctors, this bag has a split handle that opens from the top. Modern bags of this type are made from different materials and feature different designs and details.

👜 Gladstone bag — named after the Prime Minister of Great Britain, William Ewart Gladstone, this type of bag features a boxy briefcase-like shape and has a hinged rigid frame. It is very spacious, which makes it perfect for traveling.

3. Types of crossbody and shoulder bags

👜 Accordion handbag — it is made of perforated stainless steel and leather gussets that expand. It also features a single or double shoulder adjustable strap. It’s perfect for carrying small objects, like wallets, keys, glasses, cell phones, and cosmetics.

👜 Baguette bag — a compact, streamlined handbag that can be carried on a shoulder strap, the baguette bag is trendy, as it can be adapted for different looks, colors, and textures.

👜 Bucket bag — as its name implies, this type of bag features a roughly cylindrical bucket shape with attached straps and a deep interior.

👜 Canteen bag — the name of this bag comes from the traditional canteen bottles. A canteen bag has a round shape with a tassel or a strap attached to its sides.

👜 Lady camera bag — it’s a tiny shoulder bag that is big enough to fit in a handheld camera.

👜 Hobo bag — this is a large purse or a handbag made of soft and flexible materials that features a crescent shape and has a slouchy posture. It has a long strap attached to its sides, making it suitable for wearing on your shoulder.

👜 Quilted sling — this is a crossbody handbag designed using quilted fabric that can also have a topstitched pattern.

👜 Saddlebag — this is a small crossbody bag that has a flap cover. Traditionally, it was used while riding a horse to hang it from either side of a saddle.

👜 Satchel — similar to a satchel backpack, this bag features a rectangular design with an extension that folds over to cover the top and fastens in the front. It also has an attached strap to carry it on the shoulder.

👜 Tote bag — large and usually unfastened, this bag has 2 parallel handles attached to its sides. It can be made of different materials, like canvas, jute, nylon, or leather.

👜 Woven tote — basically a tote bag with a twist, a woven tote has features that are woven into the bag. It can be made with straw, leather, or synthetic fibers.

👜 Shopper bag — a mixture between a tote bag and a box bag, it has a rectangular form and long handles that make it easy to carry.

👜 Sling bag — this is a small backpack designed to carry on one shoulder.

4. Types of athletic and functional bags

🎒 Army duffel bag — designed from a cloth material, this type of bag is very spacious, lightweight, and durable, which makes it perfect for traveling.

🎒 Duffel bag — very similar to an army duffel bag, it’s a large, long, cylindrical-shaped bag with a drawstring or zipper on top, made from thick canvas. A duffel bag is suitable for diverse situations, like using it for adventures, traveling, or sports.

🎒 Safari bag — this is a variation of a duffel bag, usually created from canvas or leather. Safari bags were created for rough outdoor adventures.

🎒 Barrel bag — this is a large bag that has a barrel shape with handles attached to its sides. Some of the variations can have an extra strap that makes it easy to carry on your shoulder.

🎒 Bowling bag — a long bag with 2 short rounded handles, this bag was initially used for carrying bowling equipment.

🎒 Diaper bag — this spacious bag is designed with many pockets and pocket-like spaces to carry necessary things if you need to take care of a baby. Also, such a bag is easy to fit under a stroller or a buggy.

🎒 Field bag — as its name implies, it was created for long days of fieldwork. It’s regularly made from durable canvas fabric treated with a water-repellent finish, making it very long-lasting.

🎒 Hiking backpack — it’s a large backpack designed to carry water, food, clothing, and necessities while on a hiking trip. Various models can have frames to help carry heavy loads and prevent the backpack from collapsing.

🎒 Laptop bag — created mainly to transport your laptop, it’s a flat rectangular bag with handles and a strap that makes it easy to hold in your hands or carry on your shoulder.

🎒 Courier bag — also known as a messenger bag, this large bag with a shoulder strap and a flap cover is worn across the body.

🎒 Portfolio bag — this type of bag can hold papers, graphics, and pieces of artwork without folding them. Its design features a large rectangular flat sleeve with a zipper, handles, or a strap.

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