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10+ Confusing Photos That Can Play Tricks on Your Brain

The mind is maybe the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. Its ability to make figures out of anything might lead us to believe we see things that aren’t actually there. Some photos are so perplexing that our brains and eyes have a hard time interpreting what we’re looking at.

1. “Ghostly posts”

2. “2-headed giraffe”

3. “My giant cat in front of the fireplace”

4. “The lizard hiding on this stick”

5. “The invasion has already begun.”

6. “Felis araneae, snatcher of feet”

7. “A pigeon standing on a lamp”

8. “Santa caught me taking his picture at McDonald’s.”

9. “A giant bird steals the sun.”

10. “My dog broke.”

11. “The truck driver takes a quick look under the hood while in the drive-thru.”

12. “Dude, those legs...”

13. “Aerial camouflage”

14. “A photo of a terrifying sea creature with its mouth open”

15. “Desaturated Santa is still the best costume I’ve ever done (not Photoshopped).”

What’s the craziest coincidence that’s happened to you? Tell us your story in the comments.

Preview photo credit brodyqat / Reddit
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