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5-Minute Crafts

10+ Items That Blended Perfectly With Their Surroundings

Sometimes our eyes can’t always tell what we’re looking at. We may unintentionally wear colors that perfectly match our surroundings or have difficulty locating our furry pals since they are camouflaged and hard to notice.

1. The bunny perfectly matches the floor.

2. “Picture? What picture??”

3. “Ever wonder what a hatched avocado looks like?”

4. “My friend found an invisible cat in Greece.”

5. “Just looked down at the floor in my hotel room.”

6. “Puppy in the woods...”

7. “Just a mat, nothing more.”

8. “Took a picture of my dog hiking today... I think.”

9. “How big is this cat?”

10. “Wife’s pants went missing.”

11. “Almost couldn’t find it.”

12. “My daughter’s shirt at the art museum”

13. “Work shoes on my studio floor.”

14. “I think he likes the new blanket. If he’s there.”

15. “After ages tearing the house apart, I finally found my teeth aligners in the bathroom...”

16. “The rug has become sentient.”

17. “The vitamin on my bathroom counter.”

18. “Somehow, my new Adidas match the carpet pattern at my workplace.”

These moments seem to come out straight of a funny Sci-Fi movie. What is your favorite Sci-Fi film? Share with us below!

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