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10+ Things That May Seem Weird to Us but Are Kind of Normal for People of Different Professions

Every job is unique and essential, but some are more exciting than others. Some people have to adapt to their job, and the things they do may seem weird to others, but they are normal for people working in that field. For example, seeing bears is relatively common if you work as a park ranger, but it may be extremely frightening for the average person.

1. “I accidentally dropped my hat in the fryer.”

2. “I hope none of our dishes contain cat....”

3. “Consequences of working in a −10°C lab where I have to wash my hands 40 times a day.”

4. “I work on the 10th floor of an office tower. I have a friend who stops by daily.”

5. “You’re doing great, bud.”

6. “15 minutes into my shift, I had 2 customers ask me if this exact same machine took cash.”

7. “Any ideas on how to get this drawer unstuck? Just started here, and rumor has it it’s been stuck for 6 months.”

8. “This is my ’you’re a chef, you must eat so well at home’ meal.”

9. “Socks are a part of the UPS uniform.”

10. “Good times at McDonald’s”

11. “Today at work, everyone started drawing little fishes and little guys on the tabs from the happy meal boxes.”

12. “I work at a call center. Sometimes I like to draw my rude callers, but I like to draw the nice ones too. Here’s Diane, who was so worried about the technicians being annoyed for having to come out to her house.”

13. “I work in the Arctic and Antarctic and find it much more convenient to wear my watch on a lanyard than on my wrist because of all of the layers I wear.”

14. “Happy Friday.”

15. “My mom works at Amazon, and she sent me a photo of one of the trucks she loaded.”

Do you want to tell us about your job? Feel free to do so in the comments. We’re all ears! Or even better, share a photo with us.

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