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14 Movie Bloopers That Made It to the Final Cut

As human beings, we’re bound to make mistakes from time to time, and the movie industry is no stranger to this. But sometimes, these errors are so timely and genuine that they end up being included in important scenes. Below, we’ve listed some of the best instances of this for your amusement.


“In Zoolander, when he says, ’But why male models?’ for the second time, it’s because he forgot his line and just repeated his last one.” — © Unknown author / Reddit


“When Benicio del Toro farted during the line-up scene in The Usual Suspects and all the other dudes started laughing. Love how they kept it in the movie.” — © edx0dia / Reddit


“Leaving Robert Downey Jr.’s frustrated attempts to get Tom Holland to meet his marks was a brilliant touch by the Russsos and a great intro to the most frustrating mentor/mentee relationship in a superhero film.” — © DrRexMorman / Reddit


“At the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the actor playing Lucius Malfoy ad-libbed the spell, ’Avada Kedavra’ because he thought it sounded cool but he was about to defeat Harry Potter outside Dumbledore’s office.” — © ToyVaren / Reddit


“Also, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Malfoy says to Harry (as Goyle), ’I didn’t know you could read.’ Tom Felton actually forgot his line and they kept that.” — © AwesomeMcPants / Reddit


“In The Fifth Element when the priest shows up to see Corbin, he says, ’Mr. Willis’ to which Bruce Willis responds, ’Dallas.’” - © muskiesfan1 / Reddit


“In the first Captain America, Hayley Atwell almost touching Chris Evans’ chest wasn’t scripted, she was just that impressed and they kept that take in (or that’s the way I’ve heard it at least).” — © komacki / Reddit


“In Almost Famous there’s an early scene where the main character (whose name escapes me) is talking to Penny Lane. She asks him a question, and he asks her to ask him again. The guy playing the main character forgot his line and wanted Kate Hudson to repeat hers so he could jog his memory. It ended up looking like it belonged, so it went into the final cut.” — © SimonCallahan / Reddit


“There’s a scene in The Outsiders where Matt Dillon falls off his chair and C. Thomas Howell starts laughing and looks directly at the camera.” — © Agent-Cooper / Reddit


“In The Dark Knight, after Heath Ledger gets off the elevator to crash Bruce’s party, Michael Caine was stunned because he was so freaked out by Heath Ledger’s appearance that he forgot to say his line.” — © eddmario / Reddit


“There’s a visible boom mic in the Moe Greene confrontation scene in The Godfather. Coppola left it in because it was the best take.” — © Unknown author / Reddit


“The classic scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere slams the jewelry case shut on Julia Roberts wasn’t even a part of the filming. Director Garry Marshall just happened to be rolling on the 2 of them joking around between takes and used it in the final cut of the film. If you watch closely, you can see Roberts look right at the camera after it happens like, ’Did you see that?!’” - © SQUID_****ER / Reddit


“In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix after Harry’s kiss with Cho, in the fireplace scene, Hermione (Emma Watson) bursts into laughter.” — © darionboyd / Reddit


“You can see the camera operator and the lighting crew from the glare reflection on the eyeglasses in Notting Hill.” — © Usernama_101 / Reddit

Bonus: Horrible Bosses 2

When Dr. Julia Harris (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston) enters her office, she is wearing leggings and a black skirt. But you see all the participants of the meeting, you’ll see her in pantyhose and a skirt.

Have you ever noticed any subtly genius bloopers in other movies as well? Share with us in the comments.

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