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14 Tourists That Got Hit By Reality So Hard They Had to Rethink Their Lives

When preparing for a travel adventure, we often imagine ourselves posing proudly next to a world-famous landmark in the country we’re about to visit. However, we might get a reality check and realize tourism is not always a perfect experience.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared a collection of situations where reality didn’t exactly match tourists’ expectations.

1. “Amsterdam central yesterday”

2. “I booked a window seat and there is no window.”

3. “I present to you the most overrated/underwhelming tourist attraction in the world...”

4. The ivory-white marble of the Taj Mahal is showing a change in color due to the pollution coming mostly from the drying Yamuna River and the nearby factories.

5. “A friendly reminder for everyone who’s going to travel abroad this summer :)”

6. “‘Tourists Go Home’ graffiti in Barcelona”

7. “Found a toilet full of vegetables at Pearson International Airport.”

8. “Someone’s having a rough day. Found at Santorini Airport in Greece.”

9. POV: No matter how well you organize your trip, the weather makes the last call.

10. “Does anyone know what is going on with the insane road closures all around Paris right now?! [I’m a tourist here for a month]”

11. “Was somewhat disappointed to discover that no real time-travelling was involved.”

12. “Less than excellent sign found while traveling”

13. “I asked for water in Jamaica, this is what I received.”

14. “The wall was very steep in sections, much steeper than I would have imagined.”

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