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15+ Artists That Made Truly Unique Things

We all have a talent, and it’s great when we get a chance to develop it, no matter what it is — whether it’s drawing or making stuff.

5-Minute Crafts is going to show you different examples of cool art. And the bonus at the end of the article is about something very unusual.

“I drew a chrome rhino for a chalk art contest.”

“I painted the back yard”

“I needed a banana (for scale) that wouldn’t spoil. So I cast one from aluminum.”

“Got tired of fighting with the dip so I designed a bowl with an inward fold.”

“I made a lamp with a branch I found on the beach.”

“I made these!”

“I read about the history of certain countries (alphabetically) then cook their food, here is Country 13: Bahrain.”

“My favorite oil painting I’ve done, I hope you enjoy!”

“I’m a stone carver! Here’s an L in marble, carved completely with a hammer and chisel.”

“I was bored so I made this Pringles ring.”

“I painted a field today”

“My wife made me a simple but powerful piece of art in honor of a very special love.”

“Porch-potted pineapple I grew”

“I finished this in about a week.”

“Found the chess set I made in 2017 that took a year + 2 days to make out of hardware found at my job.”

“I hand-painted a ring box for a friend’s proposal”

“My 15-year-old is almost done with his first end table.”

“Very tiny crane I folded with tweezers”

Card tower

“This artwork I saw at the beach today”

Bonus: “My local supermarket built a little habitat for their mushrooms.”

Preview photo credit Hara-Kiri / Reddit
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