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15 Dreams We All Had as Children That Adulthood Shattered to Pieces

Growing up is difficult. When you’re a kid, the world seems exciting and crazy, and everything has a certain magic to it. And while it’s true that you can be whatever you want when you grow up, what you enjoyed as a child may no longer be as appealing as an adult.

Whether it’s because the world is a much bigger place or you just have other responsibilities on your mind, here are 15 things that were awesome as a kid but adulthood shattered to pieces.

  • “In school when I was like, 10, we had to write an essay on ‘how I would spend $1,000 in a day.’ We all wrote about getting huge houses and fancy limos, buying all the candy in the store, and throwing huge parties. The teacher must have laughed so hard.” © tiptoeandson / Reddit
  • “Getting mail. I remember every day begging my parents if I got mail (I had pen pals). I got so excited when something came for me. Now I dread going to the mailbox because all that will be there are bills.” © Slowmechanic180 / Reddit
  • “I was so surprised by this as an adult! Spinning and rollercoasters are fun as a child. I tried that as an adult with my kids and felt so bad. The dizziness takes so much longer to go away and you feel terrible the whole time.” © AgeOfJace / Reddit
  • “Eating large quantities of candy in a single sitting” © strawberry_tall_cake / Reddit
  • “My parents took us to Disney World for a week as kids. I went for 4 days with my husband a few years ago and wanted to go home with how expensive everything was. I went home and thanked my parents for that trip.” © jetsqueak / Reddit
  • “Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a teen/young adult: ’Yea baby!! the possibilities are ENDLESS!!’ Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a 40-something: ’This is gonna hurt in the morning.’” © Significant_Map122 / Reddit
  • “Summer. When you’re a kid, it’s 3 months of freedom from school. When you’re an adult, you still have to go to work, but now it’s sweltering hot and you’re sweating all day, every day.” © chadthundertalk / Reddit
  • “Getting fast food — as a kid, it was a victory. As an adult, it’s defeat and sadness.” © BrokenZen / Reddit
  • “Water parks — now all I see is pee in the pool and a gaggle of judgemental teens.” © NoMoreMrQuick / Reddit
  • “Going to the mall. I used to like browsing stores, but now I just want to get what I need and go.” © JumpyBomber / Reddit
  • “Staying home on a sick day. As a kid, it was a huge victory, got to stay in bed all day, watch TV, and have a parent tend to your every need. Then as an adult, you’re just thinking about the work you’re gonna have to make up for and how you hope you don’t need to go to a doctor.” © -eDgAR- / Reddit
  • “Snow day. I either have to take vacation time or make up those hours, and I’m going to spend the whole morning shoveling my driveway.” © duffman13jws / Reddit
  • “Jumping on a trampoline — I used to love it but now if I try it, I can actually feel my brain bouncing around in my head.” © PresenceEducational3 / Reddit
  • “Teenagers. As a kid, teenagers are the coolest and you cannot wait to be one. As an adult, they are just brats.” © GodEmperorOfHell / Reddit
  • “The phone ringing. We used to run to pick it up first. Now I cringe anytime I see it go off.” © pogo_fan1 / Reddit

Tell us your story! What was incredible as a kid that’s now anything but fun? 🧐

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