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15+ People Who Finally Got the Complete Makeover They Always Wanted

Sometimes a little change in your appearance can spice up your style and give it a new look. Many people upgrade various portions of their bodies to look their best in the mirror, but most of the time, the simplest haircut can turn one person into an entirely new being. The people we’ve gathered below are living proof that perfect hairstyles can completely transform a person.

20. “My first full year without a haircut”

19. “Finally decided to chop the flow, couldn’t be happier with the results.”

18. “Buzzed my head for the first time (40 y.o.). Was it an upgrade? Should I go shorter?”

17. “Should I have cut my hair? Probably not. I miss it but it was all donated and honestly, it’s so easy now that I’ve been loving just having short hair. Besides, hair grows back!”

16. “Before and after”

15. “Before and after, what do you think? Did I make the right call? Is it too short now?”

14. “3 and a half years from a buzz cut, finally cut it off.”

13. “Before and after! Lots of questions about styling.”

12. “I donated my hair to Wigs for Kids this week!”

11. “I did it! Here’s before and after my pixie cut.”

10. “I had my hair very long, chopped it to a short bob after many months of thinking, and now I don’t know whether to cut it back properly short or grow it back out!”

9. “Finally made the chop!”

8. “For those considering a full shave, here is my before and after.”

7. “Feeling so good with this chop!”

6. Haircut + hair dye = perfect combination

5. Looks like a totally different person.

4. “Transformation photo update from a few days ago”

3. Big transformation

2. “Took someone’s advice and I love it!”

1. “Had to share my transformation because I’m still not over it.”

Have you ever had the courage do to a huge transformation with your hair? Did you miss the look before or love the one after? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Alextakesfatrips / Reddit
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