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15+ Special People Who’ve Been Unique Since Birth

Everybody is different, but some people are gifted with extraordinary features. The interesting and unusual body parts they carry give a one-of-a-kind vibe. Some people try to hide them, and others are pleased and embrace every bit of it, but they definitely make for excellent conversation starters, and it’s a privilege to have some of these people’s characteristics.

1. “My daughter was born with hobbit feet.”

2.“I was born with 2 thumbs on my right hand.”

3. “My girlfriend has a heart-shaped birthmark.”

4.“I was born with only 4 fingers on my left hand.”

5. “I’ve had no fingernails all my life.”

6. “I was born with 3 pupils on each eye due to a rare syndrome (Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome).”

7. “My natural eyelashes are really curly/thick.”

8. “I have a random section of straight hair.”

9. “Just wanted to show my double partial heterochromia with green, blue, and brown eyes.”

10. “My son identified a Batman symbol amidst his teeth.”

11. “My kid’s distichiasis (multi-eyelashes) are 4-5 rows deep in places.”

12. “The left side of my head features a slightly deformed ear and a ’third eyebrow,’ a little patch of hair that grows back when plucked.”

13. “My right foot is one size bigger than my left foot.”

14. “I have weird fingers. I don’t know what this is called.”

15. “I have a pointed ear.”

16. “My fingers are weird.”

17. “I have linear melanonychia, which causes dark vertical lines on my nails (explanation).”

18. “I have weirdly double-jointed fingers — a ’hitchhiker’s’ ring finger — and can bend the joints separately.”

Do you have any uncommon abilities? Or do you know someone that does? Tell us in the comments.

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