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15+ Times Anesthesia Made People Forget Social Rules

A lot of people say crazy things while unconscious. Here, we managed to pick the funniest ones that will steal your smile.

  • “When I woke from having my wisdom teeth removed, I asked the nurse to take me to the beach and release me back into the ocean so I could be with my people.” © acid-nz / Reddit
  • “I got my wisdom teeth out too. Had an IV, and for the first time, I was 16 y.o. When I sorta came to, I remember asking how much longer until it’s over. And they said, ’We’re done!’ The nurse brought me out to the car with my parents and helped me out to the car. And on the car ride home I asked, ’Why was the nurse so friendly?’ My parents told me that I confessed my love for short-haired brunettes and that she would be my wife because ’she was perfect’ and ’I loved her.’” © Adrop-of-red / Reddit
  • “I sang, ’You are my sunshine,’ at the top of my lungs while being wheeled into the recovery room after my knee surgery. My dad, along with my (now ex) husband could hear me clear across the other end of the hallway, even through the snickers and giggles of the nurses. The surgeon still calls me sunshine when we see each other around town.” © cpx284 / Reddit
  • “I had jaw surgery last year and started to get really scared as I sat in my hospital bed waiting to be wheeled into surgery. My mom was with me and I told her how much I wished my dog was there because snuggling her always makes me feel better. I guess having my dog on my mind turned into some weird thoughts once they gave me drugs because apparently I started crying out of the fear that they were going to give me dog teeth.” © ElectricPoncho / Reddit
  • “If it makes you feel better, I told my 60-year-old surgeon I loved him. When my sister had her wisdom teeth out a few years previously she also told him she loved him. Dr. F must think we’re a weird family.” © TheBrontosaurus / Reddit
  • “My boyfriend, as he was being wheeled into recovery, yelled to me, ’Honey! You can call me Shrek from now on!’ He has no idea why he wanted me to call him Shrek. I had to have surgery a few months later, and when I had woken up, I called my boyfriend on the hospital phone and told him he could call me Fiona from now on.” © mariamus / Reddit
  • “We had the same family doctor for over 45 years. He actually delivered me, some 60-odd years ago. Mom had had a funny reaction to her epidural and the doc could tell that she was fading in and out of lucidity during my actual delivery. My mother suddenly grabbed him by his upper arm with a grip of steel, heaved herself halfway off the table, locked eyes with him, and yelled, ’DID YOU AT LEAST TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF BEFORE YOU WALKED IN?’ Then her eyes had rolled back in their sockets, and she’d flopped back onto the delivery table, out like a light for the next 10 minutes. To the end of her days, Mom’s steadfast claim was that she has absolutely no recollection of ever saying anything like that to him and was horrified by the possibility that she had.” © theartfulcodger / Reddit
  • “An 18-year-old girl ’recognized’ the (male) anesthesiologist from tinder last week and accused him multiple times of not showing up to their agreed date — while randomly falling half-asleep in between. As we put her back in bed she mumbled that she is not even mad, just generally disappointed in men and that she still thinks he’s pretty.” © SpectacularSociety / Reddit
  • “Obligatory ’not a doctor,’ but a few years ago before my hip surgery, the nurses were wheeling me back to the OR when I remembered my purse was underneath the bed. They handed it off to my dad and I (while under whatever loopy meds they put in my IV prior to full sedation) made a joke about how the purse matched his outfit. One of the nurses made a reference to The Hangover, and I followed with, ’It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel; Indiana Jones has one.” They all started hysterically laughing which, of course, set me off too." © warmjulysun / Reddit
  • “My fiancée and I had broken up within the last week and I was scheduled for surgery in the current week. On the day of the surgery, I was to get a nerve block and the anesthesiologist was the one performing the nerve block. He was just a really comforting person. He was telling me about everything that was going to go on during the surgery. Then we were just chit-chatting about life when the topic of the break-up came up. As I was going under, I started talking through the mask and he lifted the mask to hear what I was trying to say. When I boldly stated, ’I still love you <fiancée’s name>,’ while holding direct eye contact with him. I didn’t know I did it until he visited me in recovery. He said ’Thanks for the nickname.’” © DoctorWhoToYou / Reddit
  • “When I severely dislocated and broke my knee, I apparently gave one of the doctors that were just finishing re-setting my leg a huge slap on the back and yelled, ’IT’S FIXED!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST DOCTORS I’VE EVER SEEN. GIVING A 5-STAR REVIEW.’” © NFGTN / Reddit
  • “This is actually something I supposedly said when I came out of my wisdom teeth surgery and woke up, saying, ’My bones feel wet, can I have a napkin?’ I still wonder what I was thinking.” © bottle_O_p** / Reddit
  • “When I was getting knocked out for some minor surgery, they already had the gas mask on me and were trying to run a needle of some sort but had trouble finding a vein. When the tech complained, ’Where are her veins?’ I responded, ’I guess I left them at home today. Sorry.’” © commandrix / Reddit
  • “In high school, I had reconstructive surgery on my knee, as I tore my ACL and meniscus in a sports injury. After the surgery, I woke up in post-op, which was a fairly large room with probably 6 to 7 other patients in beds waiting to become conscious again. I was lying there all groggy and confused when 2 nurses walked over, pushing one of those carts with a computer on it. They stood over me and were typing into the computer when one nurse said to the other in a sort of frantic whisper, ’We’ve got to plug this thing in or this one is going to die!’ Naturally, semi-conscious me thought that the ’thing’ was me and I started to incoherently yell for the nurses to unplug whatever they needed to in order to find an outlet to keep me alive. Turns out it was the battery on the laptop that was going to die.” © dreadpirateryan13 / Reddit
  • “I once got diagnosed with post-surgical psychosis because when my orthopedic surgeon was explaining how things went, I would only reply to the second doctor who wasn’t there. He laughed about the whole thing later with me so I guess that counts.” © Dabat1 / Reddit

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What have you said without being aware of it?

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