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15 Times Humor Proved Itself Essential

Humor can be considered an important life skill; it can take a bad situation and make it funny and easily forgettable, it can turn a bad day into a good day, and it can even make your neighbors more willing to give you a pass for an ugly lawn.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled some of these situations to make you smile, even if just for a second.

1. “Another funny spare tire on my way to work”

2. “My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. I rushed in to find this. A bunch of comedians in my house...”

3. “My husband is in the process of redoing our lawn. He recently began removing all our grass. I didn’t want our neighbors to think we were neglectful homeowners, so I made a sign...”

4. “My dog is making the most of the cooling mat I got him to help him through this heatwave. Money well spent.”

5. “They figured out you don’t actually have to assemble these things.”

6. “You got me there.”

7. “Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home.”

8. “Sheep in human clothing”

9. They found out where it all connects.

10. “Celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family when suddenly...”

11. “I think I get the idea.”

12. While dropping your groceries is not nice, it almost made art here.

13. “My 5-year-old got a hold of a marker and disappeared into the bathroom and then I found this after investigating.”

14. “This is the picture they sent her to say the packages were ’delivered to a family member directly.’”

15. “Cool minivan!”

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