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15+ Uncommon Ways Women Found Out They Were Pregnant

The real world is far from lollipops and rainbows and for some people, it can be a strange surprise indeed. A child can change literally everything in a family dynamic, and not knowing that the parents will soon have it can really play with their minds. Pregnancy is a miraculous thing and these people found out they were carrying miracles much later than they really should have.

  • “My friend fainted at work, an ambulance picked her up took her hospital. Turns out she was 9 months pregnant and in labor. Gave birth an hour later. She had some issues with her uterus or something, I don’t wanna say the wrong thing, and the doctor told her as a teenager that she would never have kids. Since then, she never had a period. Didn’t know she was pregnant because of it and she was a big lady, big in every sense of the word. She was quite a large human, so she didn’t notice the belly or anything.” © Vaganhope_UAE / Reddit
  • “I have a friend who was infertile. She got invitro and had triplets. 10 months later, she went to the hospital for ‘abdominal pain,’ and another baby popped out. She didn’t know she was pregnant, and when the doctor asked her why, she said, ’I am infertile. I have triplets — so I was exhausted. Why are YOU surprised I didn’t know!’” © haf_ded_zebra / Reddit
  • “My wife was diagnosed with PCOS almost 2 years into our relationship and was told that she wouldn’t be able to have kids. We considered adoption for many years but were basically waiting for the right time. 3 years ago, she’s getting a kidney ultrasound, and the tech comes back in saying, ’I can’t legally diagnose you with this, but do you know you’re pregnant, 4 months along?’ A lot of tears in the parking lot (happy and anxious tears, we had no idea what we were getting into), and we found out that life finds a way.” © Sapient_Creampie / Reddit
  • “My dad was a clinical doctor a long time ago. Happened that a girl went to his consulting room for some abdominal pain, but nothing much. The girl was short, and my dad told me she was fit, so she had a good abdominal wall. The fact was that those ‘pains’ she was having were labor contractions. She didn’t know that she was pregnant until delivery. It was a scandal, we are talking about this happening over 45 years ago. The girl and her family decided to move out to another city to distance themselves from the shame of having a child without a husband. All those times my dad told me that story, my mom backed this up, she was a gynecologist and said that under the right circumstances, it can happen.” © blotengs / Reddit
  • Took care of an older woman who presented with pain in her hip after a bad fall. During the X-ray of her pelvis, something was unusual. There was an old ectopic pregnancy. She said she had gotten very sick about 50 years previously. They were very poor and lived miles away from any city or town. She said she nearly died, and it took a long time to get better. It is believed the fetus died, and she was probably septic at that time. She and her husband always wanted children, so they asked for the fetus and had a funeral for it. Incredibly sad.” © Erthgoddss / Reddit
  • “My sister had my nephew at 21. She had abs until around 8 months when she found out. She never had regular periods and mistook spotting as periods. She only found out she was pregnant because she was having Braxton hicks and thought her appendix or something was wrong. Went to the doctor, and boom — pregnant. It was like a switch flipped, bc then she got this tiny little belly that looked like she ate a big burrito, and then she had the baby.” © thin_white_dutchess / Reddit
  • “A woman who worked for an aunt of mine had no idea she was pregnant until she went into labor. She had no bump and still had her periods, until one day she started hurting and went home with a normal-sized newborn baby!” © Conscious-Arm-7889 / Reddit
  • “It does happen more frequently than you would expect. My wife and I found this out firsthand. 11 years ago, my wife and I found out we were expecting our first child. She took a test and it came back that she was pregnant. Naturally, the next step was to go to the doctor to get an ultrasound. So we did just that. When you are in the early stages of pregnancy, they typically do an internal ultrasound and not a topical one. Well, when they tried to do the internal one, they couldn’t get a good image. So they switched to the traditional style of ultrasound, and when the doctor was performing the test, he looked very perplexed. He turned to us and asked us, ‘How far along do you think you are,’ to which my wife responded, ‘6-8 weeks or so.’ He just smiled and said, ‘Try 6 months.’ We were completely shocked. Not only did we just find out she was pregnant, but we found out we only had 3 months to prepare, and we found out the sex of the baby all in the first visit. Was a total shock to the system. The crazy part is, my wife wasn’t really showing at all and was having fairly regular periods the entire time, albeit they weren’t quite as heavy as her normal ones. Everything worked out in the end, and the baby was completely healthy.” © BustaKappa1944 / Reddit
  • “Wife had irregular periods and a history of not being able to get pregnant and had a ‘period’ around 3 months. 5 months plus of a little weight gain, feeling uncomfortable, 3 negative pregnancy tests, and a few trips to the doctor — surprise, surprise at 50 years old.” © youzerVT71 / Reddit
  • “In the ’80s, my mom had twins without knowing she was pregnant with them. Only one ultrasound back then, and they didn’t see my sister in it. My mom was huge, and everyone told her she was having twins, but she kept saying the doctor said there was only one. The day of my birth, I came out, and she kept contracting. The doc wanted to give her a shot of something to stop them, but the nurse said there was another baby in there. Mom kept pushing and out came my sister. Full term. I was 8ish pounds, and my sister was over 7.” © Handbanana05 / Reddit
  • “My mom found out she was pregnant with my older sister when she was like 8 months pregnant. She did ballet, danced, and played sports at a very high level, so her belly was nonexistent. My grandparents and mom were surprised when she went into labor and gave birth to a very healthy daughter.” © Sir_F***_Alot / Reddit
  • “I once had a roommate in college who got pregnant. Literally, no one knew until she started having horrible contractions. Not only was this woman my roommate, but I also worked and studied with her. Spent most of my days with her, and she showed no outward signs whatsoever of a whole human being growing in her stomach. Nobody had any clue. Next thing you know, I’m calling 911 because she’s screaming like a banshee in the bathtub because a baby boy was trying to get out.” © Djinn_It_To_Win_It / Reddit

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