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15 Unusual Things Whose True Purpose Has Become a Real Secret

Our world is full of the most unusual things, the purpose of which cannot always be determined at first glance. However, as you know, one of the strengths of the Internet is the ability to unite the forces of people from all over the world and solve a mystery that is beyond the power of one person.

1. “What is this? Found it in an attic, it’s a sealed glass container with aluminum casing and what appears to be a plug.”

Answer: It’s a vacuum tube. More specifically, that’s a power tube for a radio transmitter. They are designed to handle much higher voltage and current than a tube you would find in a guitar amp or old radio. Some of them are even water-cooled.

2. “This 4.75-inch-long needle-like metal thing was found in my laundry room. It’s all metal with a very sharp tip and a loop on the back end.”

Answer: It’s a blackhead/skin cleaning kit tool. Source: I have one in my kit.

3. “What is this swinging bar under this Dresden train station seat?”

Answer: It’s going to sound strange, but they’re for blind people to feel the seat with their cane. Since the seat doesn’t have legs, it needs to extend lower. I’m not sure if you are supposed to fold them up if you have a bag or package in the seat next to you.

4. “What is this spoon-like thing? Found it in my grandparents’ silverware set from Korea or Vietnam.”

Answer: I’ve only seen it once or twice in Thailand, but I’m fairly certain it’s a spoon used for jelly. The shape is supposed to keep it from getting stuck on the spoon. If you Google “Thai jelly spoon,” you’ll find many similar ones.

5. “A plastic trinket found in a corporate swag bag, has a hole just big enough for a fingertip, and 2 nubs looking like it clips to something.”

Answer: It’s a keyboard key remover. It’s to help install custom keys, but if it didn’t come with any custom keys, they probably gave it to you to help you remove all the keys to make cleaning easier.

6. “What are these heavy metal objects I found in a thrift store?”

Answer: I’m going to guess clock weights. Maybe for a cuckoo clock.

7. “Leather straps are woven through a thin metal disc. No markings on the discs and they seem light, so not silver. Each one is about 6 inches long.”

Answer: They look like conchos that would have been on a jacket or maybe motorcycle saddlebags.

8. “What is this thing I found on my property in northwestern Missouri? About 2 inches long, hand carved.”

Answer: That isn’t bone or ivory... you can see by the chip on the end opposite of the carving in the first pic that it’s most likely made of cast resin... it’s a pendant off a modern necklace that has snapped where it goes on the leather thong (you can see where the hole was on the other end).

9. “A friend got a new truck, it came with a plastic handle that contains a microchip that looks like it slides into some sort of a slot. What is it?”

Answer: It’s a key inventory tag. The salesmen have to check out the keys for each vehicle from a computer and drawer system. You punch in the stock number and the drawer that the key is in opens and the particular key is highlighted. You pull the key and tag out, test drive it or whatever, and then return the key to the cabinet.

10. “This is a solid metal thing found in a farming museum. It has rubber straps and chains.”

Answer: It’s a bull/horse blinder.

11. “Found a roll of copper mesh in a box. It appears to be some sort of sheath for something. Found in the shipping area of a salvage yard, but I’m assuming a contractor left it behind.”

Answer: I use it at my work. It is for cleaning chemicals off of surfaces that can’t have any sparks. The copper won’t cause any sparks on the stainless steel. You just rip a hunk off and use it like steel wool.

12. “An antique brass and steel contraption, approximately 7.5 inches long, origin unknown”

Answer: It’s a faux mercury clock pendulum.

13. “Found this left in the kitchen of a newly-bought house, it’s about the size of a standard home oven rack. We’ve been stumped for years.”

Answer: It’s a barbecue appetizer pan.

14. “2-inch diameter bronze or brass spherical box. Very light with no lining.”

Answer: It’s compact powder.

15. “It’s a metal and glass locket with writing.”

Answer: It’s called a “theca” and it has relics from saints in it. If it can be confirmed authentic, it’s very valuable. Each one of those relics is hundreds of dollars each.

Have you ever found unusual things? If so, what was it?

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