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15 Weird Newspaper Stories That Made Us Ask, “What?”

Newspapers have been reporting for centuries, and while they usually cover serious topics, bizarre news spring up from time to time. So here are some weird, strange, or downright unusual newspaper stories we found that you’ll have to read twice to believe they were actually published in a newspaper.

1. “Found in my newspaper”

2. “I welcome our pigeon overlords.”

3. “’Question of the Day’ in my local newspaper: milk or gas, yes or no?”

4. “Found in a Japanese newspaper”

5. “My newspaper came with 2 printed pattern pages to wrap presents.”

6. It’s a bit hard to recognize him...

7. Someone forgot something.

8. “From my town’s local newspaper...”

9. Stating the obvious

10. No easy solution availabale

11. “Saw this in the local Busted newspaper...”

12. Breaking news!

13. Accurate futurology

14. It’s not adding up.

15. “The joy of being an anonymous source!”

What’s the weirdest piece of news you’ve ever read? Share your story in the comments! 😉

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