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15+ Weird Things That Made Us Ask, “Why?”

Some of the valuable things designers create can raise a ton of questions. Yet some people tend to buy them anyways, not noticing the small but important disadvantages that they all have. These are some of the funniest designs we want to share with you.

1. “My grandma’s bathroom is carpeted.”

2. “This rice drink carton has an extra cap.”

3. “The hotel room light switch is hidden behind pillows so you wake up inexplicably in the middle of the night.”

4. “Ah yes, ’You need is love.’”

5. “Of all the ways you could design a sink...you chose this.”

6. “A restaurant bathroom sink, made from...wood?”

7. “A drain in a school with bad positioning is surrounded by the one thing it’s supposed to stop from happening.”

8. “Our service man in action”

9. “How can one mess up this bad?”

10. “It’s not even angled or anything to guide the drainage. It just dribbles onto the floor. ”

11. “This is just terrifying.”

12. “Super useful backrest (accessibility fail)”

13. “Smile; don’t get your head stuck.”

14. “My cousin’s lighter he’s had for years — he barely noticed the issue when I saw it for the first time today and pointed it out.”

15. “A throne with a view”

16. Terrible fridge placement

17. “The design of this bathroom”

18. “Cooling system 3000”

Have you ever encountered something that made you ask, “Why it is like that?” Or have you ever created some bad designs yourself? Tell us in the comments.

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