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16 Photos That Prove Mother Nature Will Never Stop Surprising Us

Nature is all around us. We’re surrounded by it in the countryside, we try to surround ourselves with it in cities, and we might even try to bring a bit of it in our homes, with a favorite plant or pet. Something so ubiquitous and present can be at risk of going unnoticed, so we at 5-Minute Crafts compiled some of nature’s most surprising occurrences to make us truly appreciate it.

1. True natural art “spotted in a backyard”

2. “Half of the bottom trunk of this tree was cut but the tree still managed to survive.”

3. Exquisite pattern work on this “cool moth”

4. A dinosaur footprint preserved in rock

5. Nature’s power unleashed through electricity

6. A tree that grew around an old fallen tree

7. A truly “epic” double rainbow

8. “Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland”

9. Translucent jellyfish in all sorts of colors.

10. A single tree with 2 colors and 2 leaf types

11. A sparkling green jewel beetle

12. “A cactus growing upside down on a tree”

13. “Found this little guy on the sidewalk. Thought it was a leaf. My 3yo daughter saw otherwise.”

14. “Found a little heart when cutting onions.”

15. A cartoon-like rainbow with both ends visible

16. “Found him sitting near my door. Never seen a heterochromatic cat before.”

When was the last time nature left you in true awe? Tell us in the comments 🧐

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