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16+ Tricky Objects That Pretended to Be Something Else

The eyes are one of the main sense organs people have, and because of them, we perceive up to 80% of the information we need to understand what things are. However, they are quite easy to fool. After all, there are many amazing things around us that look like something completely different at first glance.

1. “My steaks looked like anatomical hearts.”

2. “Where’s Baldo?”

3. “I got wayyyy too excited when I first noticed the dragon.”

4. “My nephew’s onesie looks like a Fall Guys pattern.”

5. “My steak looks like a person.”

6. “An icicle shaped like a hummingbird”

7. “This box I found”

8. “I’m your fa— fire grill.”

9. “The dragon tree, Sweden”

10. “The snow on top of this mountain that looks like a lizard”

11. “A friend found a tree within a tree.”

12. “Please tell me to see this as well.”

13. “Michael Myers lurks in my jade.”

14. “I burned my broccoli and they look like trees.”

15. “This cross-section of an onion”

16. “The back of my vacuum looks like a dude with dreads.”

17. “The butter when I opened it!”

18. “A cloud that looks like a hat”

Have you ever encountered objects that looked like something else at first glance? What were they? Tell us in the comments!

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