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17 Lucky People Who Accidentally Found Hidden Treasures

Some people tend to be skeptical about reusing old things or buying second-hand, while others really find fortunes that were thrown away.

5-Minute Crafts made a list of 17 people who ditched the stereotype of reusing old things, gave items a second chance, and found a real treasure in a sea of trash.

17. “Found this beauty in a jewelry box mixed in with a bunch of fake jewelry. 14K yellow gold, with a 1K tanzanite gem in the middle, surrounded by 23 genuine baguette diamonds.”

16. “Found this without a price at the restore. Was told whatever is in the pricing gun is what it is — $8!”

15. “Oh hey there, I found the dress I’m going to get married in at Goodwill for $3.75! Charlotte Russe.”

14. “Always check the drawers! Picked up a Bombay jewelry chest and found a 14k gold necklace inside.”

13. “Got this side table from the curb. Its top was broken, so I spent a little over 3 hours and €4 worth of rope and glue to upcycle it to this!”

12. “Got these 2 for 50 cents at a garage sale today! Works perfectly, in disbelief!”

11. Thrifted diamond earrings I found at a store

10. “Almost started crying in a vintage shop today. Left are the mugs I found, right is my great-grandma’s chicken pitcher.”

9. “Found this pretty Rolex watch for £1 today! Might be my best charity shop find ever, especially if it’s real!”

8. “These shoes have the same print as my grandma’s couch, so of course I had to get them.”

7. “My best thrift find ever, 18k gold necklace with 82 diamonds.”

6. “The best $3 I’ve ever spent”

5. “Mistagged as a kids toy for $3.99. Could honestly fool anyone, and as a Polaroid owner, I’ve never taken the Instax dive. Best thrift find to date!”

4. “$20 mystery yarn box at a local thrift store turned out to be 177 skeins of high-quality yarn worth hundreds of dollars.”

3. “Bought this vintage Game and Watch Flagman for only a dollar and it’s worth about $800.”

2. “Found this 750 (18k gold) ring for $20. ”

1. “I found this Chinese snuff bottle at Goodwill for $3. I’ve already taken it to a local dealer who specializes in Chinese artifacts, who examined it and checked the metal. It is original, the dealer believes it is early to mid 1700s.”

What is the most valuable item you have found? When did you learn that it was worth a fortune?

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