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18 Lucky People Who Captured Once-in-a-Lifetime Coincidences

Some people are lucky enough to have their phones ready during interesting coincidences and take a picture. If it weren’t for these pictures, maybe no one would even believe the masterpieces these people managed to capture.

1. “This huntsman spider has a little face on its body.”

2. “It shouldn’t bend like that.”

3. “This banana looks exactly like my mom’s dog.”

4. Dog man

5. “My friend looks like he has a big nose.”

6. “I accidentally dressed like the chair at my dentist appointment today.”

7. “This bag looks like a cat.”

8. “Doggo just grabbing his morning coffee fix...”

9. “This tree I walked by with a perfect color gradient”

10. “This carrot from our garden came out looking like a baby in the womb.”

11. “This photo I took in Versailles that’s not 2 photos spliced together”

12. Chilling on the beach

13. Not a man riding the cat...

14. “Dog centaur”

15. “It snowed only enough to fill in the pattern on my doormat.”

16. “That’s not her arm.”

17. Once you realize it, its never the same.

18. “This picture of my friend’s daughter looks like she’s levitating and missing both legs.”

What’s the last treat the universe left for you that you managed to capture on camera?

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