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18 of Princess Diana’s Most Iconic Outfits That Were Perfectly Recreated in Movies

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a fashion icon way ahead of her time. And today, her outfits haven’t lost their fashionability and charm. We’ll show you the most famous looks of Lady Di that have ever been recreated in movies.

Diana, 2013

In January 1997, Diana visited Angola to draw the attention of the international community to the danger of landmines. The Princess of Wales was wearing protective body armor with the HALO-TRUST logo and a visor.

Associated Press / East News, © Diana / Ecosse Films and co-producers

In June 1997, the Princess, dressed in a sky-blue sheath dress by designer Jacques Azaguri, arrived at the Royal Albert Hall for a gala performance of Swan Lake.

ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, bauergriffinonline.com / East News

In the film, Lady Di arrived at the Tate Gallery dressed in a long black dress (which was originally designed by Jacques Azagury). In real life, she also added to the look with an emerald choker, earrings, and a bracelet.

The Crown, 2016 — present

UPPA / Photoshot / REPORTER / East News, © The Crown / Left Bank Pictures and co-producers

The creators of the series, The Crown, carefully recreated the cozy horizontally-striped sweater that Lady Di wore during a holiday at Balmoral in 1981.

In The Crown, Lady Diana Spencer approaches Charles wearing a floral blouse and a pair of yellow overalls. The real Diana had a similar outfit in 1981, a few days before the wedding.

The day her engagement to Prince Charles was announced, Princess Diana was dressed in an iconic royal blue skirt and blouse.

© Anwar Hussein / Alamy Stock Photo, Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

Before recreating Lady Spencer’s wedding dress, The Сrown’s costume designer, Amy Roberts, and assistant costume designer, Sidonie Roberts, consulted with David and Elizabeth Emanuel — the makers of the original wedding dress. It is practically a spitting image of Princess Diana’s real bridal outfit.

A tartan dress with covered buttons designed by Caroline Charles is one of Princess Diana’s most famous looks.

This was the fluttery blue evening gown with a silver waist belt, designed by Bruce Oldfield, that the Princess of Wales wore for a Gala dinner at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney in 1983.

LFI / Photoshot / REPORTER / East News, © The Crown / Left Bank Pictures and co-producers

A pink polka-dot dress and a hat in The Crown were made to look like the real things that Princess Diana actually wore during her trip to Australia in 1983.

The series recreated the belted blue skirt suit by Catherine Walker and the veiled hat by John Boyd that Lady Spencer wore to meet the Australian Prime Minister and his wife during the Prince and Princess of Wales’ tour in 1983.

Everett Collection / East News

In 1988, Princess Diana wore a yellow dress while meeting some lifeguards at Terrigal. The Сrown perfectly recreated this moment.

In 1989, Lady Diana arrived at the Welsh National Opera dressed in a white beaded gown designed by Victor Edelstein.

The Crown’s costume team chose to replicate the famous leopard-print swimsuit that Diana wore on holiday at Necker Island in the Caribbean in 1990.

Photoshot / Avalon / Photoshot / East News, © The Crown / Left Bank Pictures and co-producers

Princess Diana wore a blue jacket over a black dress in 1995 for Prince William’s first day at Eton College.

This brave outfit designed by Christina Stambolian was dubbed the “revenge dress.” Princess Diana wore it in 1994, the same night that Prince Charles admitted to adultery. Amy Roberts and Sidonie Roberts put their own spin on the look, emphasizing the symbolism of Diana’s phoenix-like transformation.

Spencer, 2021

LFI / Photoshot / REPORTER / East News, © Spencer / Shoebox Films and co-producers

The tartan blazer that Kristen Stewart wears in Spencer doesn’t look like an exact copy of the real coat dress by Catherine Walker. The costume designer Jacqueline Durran and her team deliberately created suits slightly differing from the original ones to preserve Spencer as a work of fiction.

Another one of Diana’s outfits in Spencer — a red coat and a broad-brimmed black hat — is also not a carbon copy of the real-life look that the Princess actually wore. Nevertheless, this outfit perfectly represents the style of Princess Diana.

Do you think the costume designers managed to recreate Princess Diana’s outfits successfully? What dress of Lady Spencer’s is your favorite?

Preview photo credit Anwar Hussein / Alamy Stock Photo, Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News
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