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18 Unaware People Who Were Easily Tricked by the Charms of Nature

Sometimes we see different symbols that appear on various items in nature. These small changes can instantly direct our visual perspective in the wrong direction. In addition to Mother Nature abounding in great beauty and splendor, she knows how to turn her skills into little treasures whose appearances will make us think twice.

In this article, 5-Minute Crafts has made a compilation of how people found some of nature’s most amazing hard work, which proves that it’s the best artist.

18. “Moss spelling out the name on this headstone”

17. “This gorilla-shaped rock my dad found almost 10 years ago.”

16. “Great stone dragon”

15. “I found a rock that looks like an egg.”

14. “Heart-shaped tomato”

13. “The way these mushrooms form an almost-perfect circle”

12. “This blob of asphalt in my parking lot looks just like a knight chess piece.”

11. “2 of my carrots grew around one another.”

10. “The center of this orchid looks like a tiny leopard’s head.”

9. “The rock looks like a head.”

8. “This log looks like a dragon’s head poking up from the earth.”

7. “Monkey-faced orchid”

6. “This rock I found in my friend’s rock garden”

5. “A mutant tomato from my garden”

4. “Cut open a watermelon and it looked like artwork.”

3. “This tree looks like it’s wearing camouflage.”

2. “The mark on this tree looks like an eye.”

1. “This caterpillar looks like it’s covered in little penguins.”

Bonus: “Someone used potatoes to spell out ’love’ at the grocery store.”

What is the most interesting gift from nature that you’ve ever stumbled upon? Share your answers in the comment section.

Preview photo credit micheas08 / Reddit, JB_v1 / Reddit
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