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20 Surprising Things You Might See in Other Countries That Actually Make Sense

When there are so many countries all over the planet, it’s absolutely true that certain cultures, practices, habits, architecture, and a lot more could be so different from ours. And when we come across some exceptional fact about a country, it may seem unusual at first but could make pretty good sense to us later.

And sometimes, these facts are so exceptional that we may not even have a clue that things of this nature are actually possible to do. So, here are some of the most unique things about countries all over the world that will leave you surprised in a good way.

1. “In the Netherlands, the farmers border their fields with a strip of flowers for biodiversity and there’s a QR code to pay for picking flowers.”

2. “Japanese cat-themed train also has an onboard library.”

3. “This park in Sacramento asks for plastic bag donations for dog waste.”

4. “We are from the Maasai tribe, and we use these old tires to make shoes.”

5. “The people of Rhodes take such good care of the street cats.”

6. This sticker in a hostel in Ghent prevents people from walking into a glass door

7. “This bathroom mirror in the Tallinn Airport has instructions on how to tie a tie.”

8. “I found this in a restaurant in South Korea. It is mouth wash.”

9. “Night bus in Japan”

10. “The town I live in just put up a 50-foot Leg Lamp, permanently.”

11. “NY coffee shop dumps grinds in their flowerbeds.”

12. “The most common items my kid received on Halloween (Canada).”

13. “A lot of soda cans in Hawaii have a ribbed top.”

14. “Rentable soundproof offices in the Seattle airport.”

15. “The size difference between European and Asian Pringles cans.”

16. “This brand of Swiss mineral water has the Matterhorn in the bottle.”

17. “USA Fanta vs UK Fanta.”

18. “This mall has a ‘husband depository’ with massage chairs and phone chargers.”

19. “Actual cashews with the nut on top in a Brazilian supermarket.”

20. “In Nepal, the Pringles mascot has different facial expressions depending on the flavor.”

What facts about other countries, or even your own, surprise you the most? Share with us in the comments.

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