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21 Surprising Old and Antique Things People Used in Their Everyday Lives

Regardless of the achievements of modern technology and the number of gadgets available, people have always had approximately the same needs. Our predecessors, like us, also loved comfortable furniture and beautiful clothes, wore jewelry, and took care of the household.

5-Minute Crafts compiled photos posted by Reddit users that lift the veil from the daily lives of our ancestors.

1. “My daughter found the world’s oldest fidget spinner in a museum in Chicago.”

2. “Found this wonderful 17th-century doodle inside a Bible I’m restoring.”

3. “I live in a 100-year-old former bank building. This is the third floor in its unrehabbed glory.”

4. “Instructions on the back of a 150±year-old grandfather clock. Check that last step.”

5. “Today, I found this pair of cool rings in a forest using a metal detector. They look very old and I was wondering if any of you can approximate the time period they came from.”

The answer: “They are 19th-century peasant rings made of glass and metal, people could not afford more but wanted to have jewelry too.” © Automatic-Sea-8597 / Reddit

6. “My great-grandmother wore this silk flower crown for her wedding in 1912.”

7. “An old, metal, pocket-sized grocery list!”

8. “Both these buildings are 300+ years old. A shop and the town hall in Windsor UK.”

9. “Ancient whale bone over the top of what used to be a well.”

10. “Chest from 1882 — does anyone have insight into what this picture could mean? It says ’Will they consent?’”

The answer: “Beau is in the living room, hat in hand, asking her parents for her hand in marriage. She’s hoping they will consent to the marriage!

And the trunk may have been some couple’s honeymoon trunk, and the print pasted inside the lid is a reminder of that.” © mikeonmaui / Reddit

11. “I snagged this Edwardian dress yesterday. It’s just too stunning not to share :)”

12. “I could not resist this Victorian period gilt silver brooch. It dates to about 1880. The detail and construction are amazing.”

13. “My grandfather (b. the 1890s) was rocked in this cradle as an infant.”

14. “A painter’s palette from Ancient Egypt.”

15. “Found this pan at an antique store and made cornbread.”

16. “The wedding rings of my GGM, GGGM, GGGGM, and GGGGGM oldest dating back to 1832!”

17. “300-year-old library tool that allows you to have 7 books open at once.”

18. “My power finally went out! My husband told me these beautiful lamps would never come in handy. Who’s laughing now, man?”

19. “Buying a 140-year-old home, contents included.”

20. “Our Singer sewing machine is 100 years old and works perfectly.”

21. “My 97-year-old Waterman 52”

What’s the story of the oldest object in your home? What interesting story can you tell us about your family history?

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