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8 Genius Things That Are the Daily Norm in Scandinavian Countries

Every nation has its own habits. Countries of the Scandinavian region, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, on the contrary, have very strong ties. They demonstrate common traditions that may be quite useful for everyone. Here are 8 examples of Scandinavians’ unique behavior that prove they know how to live a meaningful life.

1. You may stumble upon kids napping outside.

  • " Last week, there was a lot of discussion about Scandinavian babies sleeping outside. Well, here is a picture from today. Nap time at my kids’ Kindergarten in Oslo." © Tiered / Reddit

Scandinavians often leave strollers with kids in them outside all year round. They believe the cold may strengthen the immune system, and napping outside may help a new baby to adapt to the climate of their motherland quicker. Also, the safety level in this region allows for leaving baby strollers unattended for some time without the fear that somebody will immediately steal them.

2. Men can take paid paternity leave just as women usually do.

In Sweden, authorities help moms and dads balance their careers and family goals. Parents are granted 480 days of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. Each parent may take 240 days, and they also have 90 days more exclusively for them. Today there are plenty of dads walking with strollers and feeding their babies in local parks or cafes. Fathers in Sweden today take around 30% of all parental leave granted.

3. All vehicles stop to let pedestrians pass.

Pedestrians enjoy absolute priority in the Scandi region. If the street is marked with a pedestrian crossing, all buses, trucks, cars, and motorcycles are obliged to slow down and then stop to let the pedestrians cross the street. This rule applies even when the green light is on for vehicles.

4. In Denmark, people donate enough to plant almost 1 million trees.

Danish people are especially conscious of climate issues. They launched a fundraising television event in the forest featuring the appearance of famous musicians, inspiring individuals and organizations to unite efforts in taking care of nature. The event raised enough donations to plant more than 900,000 trees.

5. They use their perfect sense of minimalism to make life more comfortable.

Scandinavians are world-famous for their unique minimalist style of interior design. Every detail in their homes has its purpose — there are no useless or exaggerated decor elements. The space is always full of light and air. Neutral colors also combine with several accents and contrast points.

6. They love to pack food in tubes.

Swedish people have gotten used to food packed in tubes. This way of packaging may seem a bit weird to anybody who associates this only with toothpaste, but Swedes are so okay with it, they serve tubed food in their restaurants. They put sauces, pates, and spreads made of caviar, cheese, fish, mushrooms, or even bubble gum into the tubes.

7. They’ve gotten used to substantial breakfasts.

While many people enjoy a traditional coffee and croissant, a Scandinavian person chooses something more substantial. They prefer to get enough “fuel” to stay energetic and productive during long hours, while people with other food habits feel starved. Scandi people won’t mind having some toast with slices of fatty fish, like tuna, salmon, mackerel, or sardines.

8. They are famous for their no-shoes policy.

Scandinavian countries are known for the harsh weather during the cold season. When it is often wet and muddy outside, people consider it unpolite and unhygienic to enter a house or flat with their shoes on. By doing so, guests are showing respect to the hosts. Besides, most houses there have floor heating and are comfy enough for walking barefoot.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned that’s not a common practice but other cultures do almost all the time?

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