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A Guide to Different Types of Garlic

Different people have very different attitudes toward garlic: some hate it because of the odor, and others add it to almost every meal they have. We had no idea that this unique plant has several types.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about the different types of garlic.

German porcelain

It’s bright white and it’s great for baking. The bulb is quite big and contains from 5 to 7 cloves. It has a vibrant flavor and a rich, mildly hot taste.

Chesnok red

This type of garlic is great for storing. Besides, the cloves look really good — if you like taking pictures of food, this is the perfect choice for you. It has a sweet taste and it’s not spicy. It smells more like fried onion, rather than garlic.

Elephant garlic

This is not a true garlic variety, but a type of leek. Its mild taste is perfect for soups, salads, and sauces that don’t need a distinct garlic flavor. Mammoth bulbs can grow up to one pound or more, each with 5 to 7 huge cloves.


This type has a mild spice that dissipates quickly with a pleasant finish. It has a creamy texture and a lot of sugar that makes it sweet. It’s a good choice for meals where the garlic shouldn’t overpower the other ingredients.

Purple glazer

This variety is very good when it’s baked. It’s got a strong lasting flavor but it’s not very spicy and leaves no aftertaste. It’s easy to peel. When unpeeled, it has a beautiful purple clove color with gold and silver hues.


The midseason Italian garlic is a perfect choice for those that like spicy and hot. The cloves are robust, and quite big, and they are easy to peel. The skin has purplish tints.

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