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A Guide to Different Types of Tulips

Flowers are the main symbol of spring. There are a lot of types, and tulips are among the most popular ones. They come in different colors and first gained popularity in the seventeenth century. Like many other flowers, tulips hold the meaning of true love. There are 75 species in the tulip family.

To make it more understandable, 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a simple guide, showing you the different types of tulips.

1. Darwin hybrid

This is one of the most popular tulips in the world. It has a long steam, a wide base, and a slightly thinner top. Because of that, they are best used for landscaping. The size this flower can reach is about 20 to 24 inches tall. The most common colors that can be seen on this tulip are orange, red, pink, white, and yellow.

2. Double

This tulip has a double flower and is purposely propagated to be colossal. Their blooming lasts very long, even after being cut. All of them are suited for forcing as well as bedding. But shorter varieties, if protected from freezing, can grow in pots.

3. Fosteriana

These tulips are popular for landscaping in Europe. They blossom in early to mid-spring and have a large, long-lasting flower. When it comes to naturalizing, perennializing, and forcing, this plant is a top option. They grow to be about 10-20 inches. Also, they’re easy to take care of.

4. Greigii

This short tulip comes in yellow, red, white, pink, as well as orange. Their flowers are shown in early to mid-spring and last longer compared to others. Greigii can be implemented in low-maintenance rock gardens. It can be planted among roses to add a splash of color in the spring.

5. Viridiflora

Viridiflora has a green stem in combination with a second, complementary color. They bloom during late spring and have a cup-shaped flower that grows to be about 3 inches. This tulip is easy to grow when given proper conditions.

6. Parrot

Parrot tulips are cup-shaped and their blossom has feathery edges. The flowers are green at first, but as the plant matures, it reveals bright colors. They can grow up to 14-26 inches and are sensitive to long-lasting cold and wet weather. These bloom in late spring and are best looking when planted in groups.

7. Gavota

Gavota tulips come in a maroon shade with creamy yellow edges. They’re really easy to take care of and grow up to 18-20 inches tall. They prefer warm weather and need to be planted in fall. These types of plants are toxic to dogs and cats.

8. Lily-flowered

The lily-flowered tulips have long stems with pointed petals that create a distinctive profile. They come up in bright hues such as white, pink and yellow. Most plants of this kind bloom in late spring, and some even in mid-summer. The stems are really thin so they need to be planted in windproof areas.

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