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Different Types of Cups That Are Designated for Different Drinks

It’s not accidental that there are different shapes and sizes of cups. Each type of coffee has its own designated type of cup, and different types of tea also require different cups. So, for example, If you pour some espresso into a larger coffee cup instead of an espresso cup, this can ruin the drink, as the crema will spread out, causing it to thin and disappear — plus, the coffee will get cold too quickly.

5-Minute Crafts would like to help you choose the right cups for different drinks to enjoy them to the fullest.

A tall glass is for a latte.

Thanks to the Italians, serving lattes in tall glasses has become a tradition. This glass allows you to see all the layers of coffee, from espresso to crema, and it helps a barista to make the perfect drink. The recommended size for a latte is about 11-15 ounces. For latte art, you can use a mug of the same shape as for a cappuccino, but larger.

A dome-shaped cup is for a cappuccino.

A cappuccino is smaller than a latte, so the appropriate drinkware for this beverage would be a cup that is 5 to 5.5 ounces. Such a cup is dome-shaped: narrower at the base and wider at the rim. Cappuccino cups are served with matching saucers.

Such a cup can also be used for Americano coffee drinks.

A demitasse is for espresso.

Small cups for serving espresso are called demitasse, which means “half cup” in French, and their size is about 2 to 3 ounces. This small size helps maintain the right temperature of the drink, as an espresso served in a big cup will cool quickly. They are usually made of ceramic and come with a saucer. A demitasse tends to be narrower at the base and wider at the rim.

A large, clear glass is for frozen and iced coffee drinks.

For frozen or iced coffee drinks, the best choice is a large, clear glass that holds 16 to 20 ounces.

A Jianzhan teacup is for green tea.

For Chinese green tea, the Jianzhan cups are considered the best option. They are made of clay and glaze, have a small volume, and smooth out the tannic properties of green tea. Cups are usually wide and round with a slightly high foot. The clay from which these bowls are made contains a lot of iron, which increases the alkalinity of the water, making the tea softer and more aromatic.

A clay cup is for pu’er tea.

Since pu’er tea is traditionally brewed with boiling water, small cups are used for it. This size of a cup allows the drink to cool faster for comfortable drinking.

For dark teas, such as pu’er, dark oolongs, and black tea, bowls made of unglazed ceramic or Yixing clay are best.

A chawan is for matcha.

Matcha is an East Asian tea made by grinding green tea leaves into a fine powder. A cup called “chawan” is used for drinking matcha. As a rule, this is a smooth ceramic bowl about 5 inches in diameter with a volume of 4 ounces.

The matcha cup has a wide base that allows you to hold it with both hands and whisk tea with a special whisk. The cylindrical shape and thick ceramic walls of a chawan allow you to maintain the tea’s temperature, which is very important for this drink.

A tulip-shaped glass is for Turkish tea.

tulip-shaped glass is used for drinking Turkish teas. This unusual shape is called “ince belli,” which means “slim-waisted.” It keeps the tea hot for a long time and allows you to admire its color.

A porcelain cup is for green, white, and black teas.

Light teas, like white teas, green teas, and light oolongs, go well with small, flat teacups made of porcelain, glass, or glazed teacups.

Porcelain mugs are also great for traditional black teas, like English breakfast or Earl Grey.

Choose taller cups or mugs to appreciate the aroma of the tea better.

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