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Etiquette Rules That Many People Forget to Follow

A person’s good manners can be seen right away. Knowing the proper etiquette can serve us well in any situation — for example, at a friendly meeting, during a job interview, or on a date.

We at 5-Minute Crafts want to tell you, in detail, about these rules so that you always feel top-notch.

Don’t put your personal belongings on a table.

A table in a restaurant or a cafe is not a place for storing personal things. Sunglasses, keys, your mobile phone... they should be removed from the tabletop. Put them into your bag or on the armchair behind you.

Also, remember that sunglasses should be removed when indoors unless you have a medical condition. Also, make sure to not turn them into a hair accessory.

Don’t gesticulate while eating.

When at the dining table, don’t gesticulate with utensils, especially if there is food on them. Pieces of your meal can break off of a fork or knife and stain those who are sitting next to you, not to mention the interior and yourself.

Get into and out of a car correctly.

It’s not difficult to get into a car and get out of it elegantly. Check here to see how to do it correctly. Your feet, knees, and toes should be kept together. Remember that your shoes should be parallel to the ground when you are bringing your feet into the car.

Don’t scoop soup toward you.

If you do this and something falls off the spoon, it can stain you. Spoon the soup away from you and its contents will fall back into the bowl. Gently wipe the bottom of your spoon on the top edge of your bowl so the drips don’t end up in your lap.

Don’t call the waiter too actively.

To get a waiter’s attention, simply nod or lift a couple of fingers up. The main thing is to not do it too loudly and demonstratively, thus drawing the extra attention of other visitors to your table. If you are sure that the waiter is ignoring you, go to the manager and share your worries.

Don’t stand at the entrance of the elevator.

Even if you are in a hurry, don’t rush to get into the elevator once it arrives because you can block the way of people leaving the elevator. For the same reason, don’t stand opposite the elevator doors when waiting for it to arrive. Before going in, check the cabin to make sure there is room.

Sit correctly.

Your sitting pose is very important. Cross your legs at the ankles and position them at a slight angle. You should aim for your toes and knees to form a straight line. Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are wide apart. Try to remove the tension from your body so you look more relaxed.

Don’t speak on the phone during a meeting.

When meeting someone, make sure to put your phone on silent mode. If you are waiting for an important call, warn those around you, and speak quietly and briefly. Pay attention that those around you are not getting disturbed by text messages. Also, remember that it’s impolite to be talking on the phone and placing an order at the same time.

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