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How the Infinite Chocolate Trick Works

Anyone can repeat the infinite chocolate trick by themselves. And they will end up having an extra piece of chocolate after a simple re-arranging of the entire chocolate bar.

If you still have no idea what the secret behind the magic chocolate is, 5-Minute Crafts is going to reveal the mystery of this popular trick.

The idea of the trick

A diagonal cut is done on a chocolate bar (5*5 pieces, for example). The part that stays on top is split into 2 parts. Then 2 pieces (2 segments and 1 segment) are removed from the bigger part. The left part over the diagonal cut is moved to the right, while the right part is moved to the left. Put the 2-segment piece over it and 1 cell will be left.

If you place the new bar with the original chunk, they will be identical in size.

How it works

As you can guess, the extra segment of chocolate doesn’t just appear out of nowhere — the entire chocolate bar slightly decreases after re-arranging. The “extra” piece appears thanks to the diagonal cut that helps to properly adjust the segments of chocolate and create an illusion of the original chocolate chunk. At the same time, the extra fragment appears due to a uniform reduction in the length of the bar.

No significant difference can be seen between the original and the re-arranged chocolate because the re-arranged part is only shorter than the original one by one-fifth of a cell.

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