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How to Eat Sushi and Sushi Rolls Correctly

Japanese nigiri, sashimi, and maki have long ceased to be something exotic because nowadays these delicious fish and rice treats are served in many cafes and restaurants around the world. There are even special rules for how to eat them, including how to use a warm towel, eat ginger and wasabi, and pour soy sauce.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about how to eat sushi and sushi rolls, and what mistakes should be avoided.

General rules

It’s great to get a portion of large, round sushi rolls. But you should remember that biting into a roll is considered rude. So, actually, a whole piece should easily fit in your mouth.

Remember that the main ingredient in most sushi rolls is fish. To enjoy its taste to the fullest, nigiri should be put into the mouth face down, with the fish on your tongue.

What to use: a fork, chopsticks, or your hands?

Usually, sushi and sushi rolls come with chopsticks, which are traditional Asian utensils. Use them if you know how to eat with them.

If holding chopsticks is difficult for you, eat with your hands. This is not considered bad manners — on the contrary, it’s absolutely normal. Japanese restaurants usually serve a wet towel (oshibori) before the meal so that a guest can clean their hands before eating.

Sashimi is an exception to this rule. Slices of fish or seafood should only be eaten with chopsticks.

As for a fork, it’s best not to use one: this utensil is considered unsuitable for these Japanese dishes.

How to use soy sauce

The main thing you should remember is that soy sauce is a condiment. It has a bright taste, so if used in large quantities, it will take away the flavor of the fish and other fillings. But if you use it in appropriate quantities, this salty sauce, on the contrary, will bring out the flavor of the sushi.

  • Pour a bit of soy sauce into a little dish: it should just cover the bottom.
  • Dip only the fish in the sauce. Flip the sushi or sushi rolls to soak the fish slice in the sauce. Don’t soak the rice in the sauce or completely immerse the roll in it.
  • For sashimi, you can use a piece of ginger as a brush: dip it in the sauce and rub it over the surface of the fish. This will add spicy hints of flavor.

What ginger and wasabi are for

Ginger acts as a taste neutralizer, similar to the coffee beans we smell when trying to choose a perfume. Pickled ginger is eaten between different types of sushi, sushi rolls, or sashimi to cleanse the palate.

⛔ Ginger is not meant to be eaten in the same bite as a piece of sushi roll or nigiri.

Wasabi should not be mixed into soy sauce because it loses its nice aroma this way. The correct way to use it is to put some wasabi between the rice and the fish in the nigiri or add it directly on top of the fish.

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