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How to Safely Run Outside

Running is a great and healthy exercise for your body. However, you need to be really careful when you do it outside, as you’ll be facing dangers like dealing with other people and vehicles. 5-Minute Crafts will show you how you can enjoy your running time safely.

1. Run against the traffic

When you’re facing traffic, you have a clear view of oncoming cars so you can take last-minute action if needed.

Note: When you’re facing a corner where the visibility is poor, you should run in the same direction as the cars. This case is an exception, because you don’t have any visibility.

2. Stick to the sidewalks

Whenever you can, run on sidewalks. Studies show that sidewalks reduce pedestrian-vehicle crashes by 50 percent. If for some reason you can’t do this, move off the sidewalk into the street but make sure there’s enough room for you to run.

3. Use the crosswalk

Always cross the street at crosswalks, as drivers pay extra attention to them. Not doing so can be really dangerous for you. Don’t forget to look both ways before crossing and don’t cross if the vehicles close to you haven’t stopped completely.

4. Avoid wearing ear and headphones

Although you might see a lot of people doing this, it’s better to not plug your ears while running. By doing so, you’re able to hear approaching vehicles or people.

5. Be visible

Be visible at all times, especially in rain, snow, or when it’s dark out. Wear reflective clothing
to help drivers see you clearly. It’s also smart to clip a flashing light to your clothing for extra awareness.

6. Vary your routes

Have different running routes. This will prevent creepers and stalkers from tracking you.

7. Carry your cellphone and identification safely

Always carry your phone and ID with you in case of an emergency. By doing this, you can be easily identified or call someone if you need help.

If your pocket is too loose to keep your things, you can do what we suggest on this image — just simply put your belongings inside your pocket and put a rubber band around it.

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